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P. called at 2:30 p.m. to ask where I was. I knew I was supposed to be somewhere today, but I just couldn't remember where. The plan was that I'd return P.'s camera today. She left it in my car when we went on that trip to New Castle, DE. (I recorded the details of that roundabout trip in a previous entry.) Met up with her to return her camera, then we went to Wal-Mart. I picked up an iTunes giftcard for my brother, J.. Then we were off to get a cake for my dad, since Mom forgot. Dad seemed to like the "Century of Warfare" DVDs. J. called to wish Dad a happy birthday and to tell us he was engaged. That makes twice. The first time, the young woman called it off pretty fast, because she realized she didn't love him like he loved her. This current relationship has been so off and on, with K. having poor boundaries and sending mixed signals, at least according to J., I was rather shocked to hear he was engaged now. To hear him tell it over the past year or so, they've been off a lot more than they've been on. I'm sure he's happy, and I'll hope for his continued happiness. I do remember him still making payments on the first engagement ring he bought long after the engagement was called off, and even after he'd pawned the ring.

There was a lot going on in today's episode of Alles Was Zahlt. Max seems to have gone back to being evil. Really evil. He certainly gave Axel some serious scares. Not that Axel couldn't use being taken down some notches, but that was horrible (*spoilers*), unless the woman was just pretending to be dead. Ben is still trying to prove who was conspiring against Richard Steinkamp. Richard doesn't want to believe that his own wife is involved in the plot against him. I'm sure I've missed a lot of what was going on without having subtitles for those parts. I'm still not sure why Ben punched his father a couple of weeks ago and then had a whiny hissy fit. I like how Katja -- I think it was Katja's idea -- thought of bringing Lars in to be part of the boxing match. It's pretty cool when he's stripped down and not talking, and not having special moments with Stella. I believe I've mentioned how she sucks the sex appeal out of any scene she's in. EKP said so, and I agree. But Lars is ripped. And why don't we have more of Max out of that business suit? Even if he's evil again, he's still hot.

Roman and Deniz and Annette were all cute today. Ingo is trying to be a comedian, and is horribly unfunny. Even Deniz, who is generally ready to smile, couldn't smile at Ingo's jokes. But Roman and Ingo cuddled after Ingo bombed with his first performance for them, and that was cute, too. They don't have a "buddies" sort of friendship. Instead, it's kind of a mix of affection and mock-romance. I'd like it if they had some male characters that Roman could just have simple friendships with. Maybe the powers-that-be don't think it's meant to be that way with him, but I don't see why not. Deniz is more-or-less able to have buddy friendships with guys, but until relatively recently (this fall) on the show, he didn't show signs of being attracted to any man except Roman. I think that the guys he was very briefly shown having some kind of sexual contact with was more of a "he really can be bisexual" sort of point the show was making. Roman was the very first person on the show who Deniz was attracted to, and Deniz talked to Roman about how he (Deniz) realized he was gay. I didn't have a problem with Deniz not being interested in other men besides Roman, even though that was highly unrealistic. Deniz and Roman have wild chemistry. That's enough for me.

Anyway, after my long tangent, Ingo continued his attempts to be funny later in the episode, and seemed to do a little better with the audience at the fry stand. He threw in a couple of gay jokes when he saw Deniz and Roman, and I didn't find them funny at all. (One of the commenters on EKP also complained about how horrible his German-accented French was, too. It was pretty bad. Another commenter (borissabee) replied, "When they speak English it is with a German accent, so when they speak French it is with a German accent as well. Nothing wrong with that, it's natural.") Deniz has made a few jokes along the line about how gay Roman acts, but not only can he get away with it, a couple of them really were pretty funny.  Mike said (episode 300) that "Roman is so fruity he turns the ice rainbow-colored when he skates," but that was considerably less malicious than Mike could be. I'm not sure about the translation, either. I'm sure it was something colloquial generally along those lines. In real life, M. makes plenty of gay jokes, some of which are funnier than others, but he can also get away with it.  There's not necessarily a lot you can say when the guy making the jokes wears a rainbow symbol every day.
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