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Friday so far

I went to bed not long after midnight.  I don't think it took that long for me to get to sleep.  I woke at 9:45 a.m., which wasn't bad.

We got 5.5 inches of snow.  We had professionals come and clear the driveway.  They had big snowblowers with Caterpillar-type treads instead of wheels.

The F Yeah Glee Podcast on "Grey" is tonight at 8:00 p.m.  Lurkdusoleil is the host.

Later: I talked to S.M. for almost half an hour.  She is also having professionals clear her driveway, but she said they had sixty customers they go to, so as of 3:00 p.m. she was still waiting.  Garden club is on the 9th, and she's getting ready for that.  She's the president.  S.M. is also trying to get the gas fire in her living room to work.  She thinks she needs to replace the batteries for the lighter.  S.M. was good with getting a serviceperson in to work on that, though.

I talked with P. for half an hour.

I listened to the "Grey" podcast.  They covered a fair amount, considering how big the fic is and how much was going on in it.  I could remember what happened when they referenced it, even though it had been some months since I'd read earlier chapters.  They talked about the fandom in the fic, and the fandom around the fic.  Generally when I reacted to a chapter, I said that I was more interested in what was actually going on with the Ghost and Phalanx than what was going on with their fans.  The podcast folks talked about all the miscommunication or lack of communication between the characters in the fic, too.

In Rainjoy's "Grey" debriefing, she says, "If anyone's wondering why the characters got so heteronormative a happy ending it's because no-one gets to decide how heteronormative or how queer someone else 'ought' to be - I gave the characters the ending that *they* wanted, because after that fic, they really deserved it."  I had felt that the ending was very heteronormative, but the podcast folks loved it.


I could see why the podcast people liked it, because I know some of them have babies.  That's not something I'm ever going to have, or want to have, so it's different for me.  The Kurt and Blaine of Rainjoy's All the Other Ghosts 'Verse wanted children, even if they didn't see how they could have them, considering how dangerous their lives were.  But Julio's powers are such that if he gets upset, it's very dangerous for people near him.  Rainjoy wrote that when Blaine had Julio and he started to cry, Blaine had to put him down and back away.  There wasn't really a settling of whether Phalanx's shields could stand up to Julio's blades.  I assume so.

I saw the Box Scene Project people say that they're formatting "Grey," and it will be a print fic.  I was happy about that.  I have it in Word, and am looking forward to the PDF and e-pub versions coming out, too.
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