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Well, nothing of Roman and Deniz on Alles Was Zahlt ( for a couple of days, but clips of other shows on Gays of our Lives ( There's a Dutch show which translates as "Good Times, Bad Times," and I've watched a couple of clips of that. It's probably messing up my understanding of German, because some of the words sound very close, and some sound rather more like English words. I'm finding German to be a prettier-sounding language -- go figure. Gays of our Lives also has clips from American shows, and it's rather unnerving to not have subtitles. Also, the shows seem much dumber to me than AWZ. Maybe part of it's the challenge of figuring out what the characters are saying, but I don't think that factors much into it. I'm following what's going on with Richard Steinkamp and his scheming family. Well, I'm picking up the basics. I enjoyed seeing Lars doing the boxing. He's really ripped. When he's mostly naked, and not with Stella, he's really pretty hot. The sex scenes Lars had with Jenny when they were together were quite steamy. Sadly, Stella sucks the sex appeal out of any scene she's in. Ingo got to play Santa yesterday. He didn't have a sexy Santa outfit like Roman did, but Annette found him hot enough. I saw the one interview with the actors who play Ingo and Annette, and the interviewer asked Ulrike Roseberg, the actress who plays Annette, if she'd find Andre Dietz, the actor who plays Ingo, her type in real life. She said rather casually, "Oh, I like women," and the interview just continued on, with Andre D. remembering one time that Ulrike said that if she liked guys, he'd be her type. But otherwise, no comment. She apparently gets no notice of her acting skills for playing a heterosexual character. Of course, I think gay actors can do great jobs playing straight characters, and vice versa, depending on the person's acting skills, but I'm still finding this fairly ironic. Dennis G. gets all these questions about what it's like to be a gay actor on a soap opera. Ulrike doesn't seem to get the same kind of attention at all. Has anyone asked her what it's like to be a gay actor on a soap opera? Does anyone ask if she finds her women co-stars (or women crew members) to be hot? Perhaps she gets more questions about this on interviews I haven't seen, and maybe the powers-that-be want to focus on her appeal to straight men. I'm sure she has her appeal to lesbian and bi women, too. I think she's pretty. The character can be annoying, but she's definitely one of the more attractive of the women on the show, in my opinion.
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