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extensive roadtrip today

P. has been talking about this church in New Castle, Delaware which is extensively decorated for the holidays, trees and church all lit up, and a tour. So we set out for there late this afternoon. She wanted to visit her brother in Chester, Pennsylvania, first. I took kind of a backroad there rather than the highways. We made good time getting there, and then messed up trying to find her brother's place. P. did well with instructions to get me to the closest exit ramp to 95 South, but then we did the merge wrong and ended up going over the Commodore Barry bridge. P. was wondering where we'd ended up. I said, "We're in New Jersey. Yes, really. We went over the bridge into New Jersey." I went off the first exit after we got over the bridge, but didn't see anywhere to turn around for several miles. We finally turned onto another road which had some houses, and I turned around into a driveway. We got back to the bridge, and back over to Pennsylvania, and found her brother's neighborhood. I made one more wrong turn near his house, where P. said we should go up and turn around. I made a left to turn around rather than the right she meant, and we ended up in a little alleyway sort of thing with cars pulling up and a little gang of guys standing around, with one going up to the cars at a time. P. was unhappy that we'd ended up there, and I wasn't too thrilled, either. After we waited for a few cars, we were able to turn around and get out of there. I was like, "Well, I guess we would have just explained that we didn't want any crack, thanks." I had had the doors locked and the windows of the car up, and the car alarm set. Once we got to her brother's house, we visited for a bit. Her brother, C., cracked up to hear about our little detour to New Jersey.

Then we tried to get to the church. We did okay trying to get onto Route 95 South again, and finding Route 13, even though P. kept saying Exit 13, and we actually wanted Route 13. When Route 13 split from Route 40, I stayed on Route 13. P. said, "I can see the church from here, and it's on the other road. We should have gone on that road!" I turned around again, and we went back up Route 13. We tried making a turn, and ended up on Route 273 for a bit, turned around, and went and found Routes 13 and 40, turned around, and went back on Route 40. The church and trees were all lit up, and they gave a little fundamentalist Christian tour with lit tableaux inside the church which you could see through the windows on the outside. Then once you got back inside, they had you say a little prayer to be saved. I'd rather have gone straight through, but everyone stopped there. I didn't mind horribly -- I've been in fundamentalist churches before occasionally. I figure being baptized and confirmed is thorough enough for the church I'm nominally a member of, which is a fairly liberal mainstream denomination. Our priest is a woman, for example. If I had to pick a kind of Christianity, I'd be happy enough picking the one I belong to. Depending on the priest you get, the sermons can be awfully boring, but Mother G. does pretty meaningful sermons that people can relate to. She's really got a thing about using gender-neutral language for God, which is not how I was brought up. I love the incense and candles used in the more High Church-style churches, though.

P. got directions back, which included a couple of left turns which took us to some road we hadn't been on before. I took Route 1 north off that road, figuring that if we stayed on 1, it would eventually take us up to Philadelphia. We saw a sign for 95, and I took it. P. was asking if we really wanted to head towards Wilmington. "Yes," I said, "We need to go over Wilmington to get back up north from here." We finally got back home.

My books from Giovanni's Room had come already. I'm very much looking forward to reading Personal Demons. I already had all the Dr. Fell stories from The Complete Dr. Fell: Lost, but it's nice having them in order in a paperback I can travel with. The story "Pet Rescue" always makes me cry. Heading to bed soon.
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