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Saturday so far

I got sleepy around midnight, and went to bed before 2:00 a.m.  I don't think it took me long to get to sleep.  I woke at 9:00 a.m.  I lay back down briefly, but didn't get back to sleep.  I officially got up around 9:30 a.m., which wasn't bad.

Goodwill is having a half-off sale on clothes today.  Mom and I are talking about going to the one just on the Pennsylvania side of the Pennsylvania/Delaware border.  The road it's on is called Concord Pike in Delaware, and various other things in Pennsylvania.

I sat under the sunlight-effect lamp for half an hour.  I started to read Animal Magnetism by Jill Shalvis, but didn't get into it right away.  I read some of "All the Other Ghosts."  I have to catch J.-PA up on my adventures with the Box Scene Project fics.  She didn't get her books for some weeks, and then heard back from the Box Scene project folks that they'd gotten the package back, empty.  They sent some of them again.  One is on backorder.  It was the Box Scene's first try with printing out books and mailing them.  I think the experience they gained will be valuable to them if they do fics as books again.

Dad had been reading the war novel he picked out.  I took the Nook to charge it, and I'll take it with me when Mom and I go out.

Later: Mom and I went to the Trader Joe's just on the Delaware side of the Pennsylvania/Delaware border, and then to the Goodwill.  Both places were very busy.  I got three blouses at the Goodwill, but the lines to check out were long.  I read fic on my Nook.

Slightly later than that: Mom and Dad and I went to a grocery store.

I watched the Glee reruns on the CW.  They showed "Dream On" and "Funk."  "Dream On" is episode 19.  "Funk" was supposed to be 20, but aired as episode 21.  "Theatricality" was supposed to be 21.  I found it interesting that in the reruns, they're airing the episodes in the order they were originally supposed to be aired.  I expect that next week they'll show "Theatricality" and "Journey to Regionals," and then the week after go into season two.  My guess is that they'll go up through season three.  I don't know about season four, because it left off on what were, depending who you ask, cliffhangers or incomplete stories.

Firesnaps asked on Tumblr about where were the angry posts about Santana and Dani not being cuddly, or words to that effect.  I said that I wasn't a fan of Santana because I thought she was verbally abusive, and that Santana and Dani's biphobia put me off.  I don't identify with Brittany, but I said I identified when she talked about her "fluid teen sexuality," though it's been a while since I was a teen.

The character on Glee that I identify with is Kurt.  I was never fashionable.  I didn't have any social skills in high school, so I identify with the way he was lonely.  Also I identify with the way he thought Blaine was so attractive, physically, emotionally and intellectually.  I know that online there are a number of middle-aged queer women who identify with Kurt, though there's the lesbian Santana and bisexual Brittany.  And there are plenty of lesbians who identify with Santana, and that's great.  Glee has a lot of representation.
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