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Friday so far

I went to bed around 1:30 a.m. or so, after a big belated midnight snack.  I woke slightly after 8:00 a.m.  I stayed up.

I watched "Puppet Master" for the third time.  I had watched it again last night.  I got considerably more of the dialogue the second and third times.  I still thought Blaine was one weird kid.  He made a Kurt puppet, and Sue took it from him.  Blaine broke into her office at night to get it back and Sue caught him.  Sue called Blaine a "strange, tiny, doe-eyed pervert."  There was a gas leak from a vent in the choir room that caused a person sitting in that section to have hallucinations, and Blaine hallucinated that all of New Directions were puppets, and they all thought he was wonderful.  Sue had some other good lines, and there were good lines from other characters.  Both of the fisting jokes had been in the promos.  Blaine said, "Kurt puppet..." so sadly as Sue took it away, and had a sad expression.

Blaine later re-enacted a version of Tina's touching his chest while he was unconscious using a Tina puppet, only with Blaine aware of what was happening.  Blaine said, "Tina, I'm engaged."  Either Kurt or Tina must have told Blaine about it last season.  Blaine was still processing.

Blaine gave all the members of New Directions puppets of themselves, and sent puppet Kurt, along with puppets Rachel, Santana and Starchild, to the loft.  The New Yorkers were creeped out, but the current members of New Directions liked them.  Blaine said that it had been nice that puppet Kurt did anything he said.

In other plotlines, someone mistook Sue for a man, and she finally called on Unique to femme her up.  Unique did a good job.  Bree had a pregnancy scare.  She said if Jake didn't change, he'd have seven kids with seven different women.  Jake still wants Marley back.

In real life, I got a copy of "All the Other Ghosts" in the mail.  The package of fics I first got from the Box Scene Project people had a big rip in the side.  I contacted them a couple of weeks after that.  They ended up with extra fics, and offered them.  I got "All the Other Ghosts," so now I'll have two copies.  It's 562 pages in rather small print.  I read it chapter by chapter on Rainjoy's LiveJournal.

I went to the opthamologist.  My nearsightedness hadn't changed, but my eyes seemed healthy enough.  Dad dropped me off at the doctor's office and went to a nearby strip mall that had a Staples, a Radio Shack and a bookstore.  I had brought my Nook with me, and Dad had gotten the mail just as we were leaving, with the package with "All the Other Ghosts" in it.  I set it up so Dad could read 50 Classic War Novels on the Nook.  He picked a novel and started reading that while he waited.  I let him read on the Nook again when we got home.

Later: Rainjoy updated "Grey."  I read that chapter.

Lurkdusoleil had a chat about Glee.  I listened, although I didn't know how to do chats right and went in and out of it a few times.  The computer I was using didn't have a microphone or video, but Jamie explained to me how to use the chat box.  I think Dad's Netbook has a microphone and video.  If there's another chat or chats, I'll see if I can use that.

I read the Backlot's Glee episode recap in the evening.  They said that Heather Hogan was on vacation for the week.  The person who filled in was a hater, and the first couple of comments on the episode were from haters, too.  Riah's chat, with people who really were fans, cheered me up from that.
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