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TV watching -- "Movin' Out"

(*spoilers for that episode and the promo for the next*)

Obviously my priorities are screwed up, because I noticed that Kurt and Blaine, who are an engaged couple, didn't kiss.  Not that I'm counting.  Blaine talked about safety schools, and briefly about being a teacher or doctor.  His NYADA audition was not shown.  I thought the safety schools idea was a reasonable one.  There was Kurt and Blaine interaction, and hugs.

Artie got Becky to admit that she wanted to go to college.  From what Weeds says, there's an actual program at the University of Cincinnati for intellectually disabled students.  They visited there.  Becky sat in on a class.

Sam is planning to become a male model.  When he did a college interview, he asked the interviewer, who was Black, if she knew Mercedes.

Ryder went on a date with Marley, and Jake went back to being a womanizer.  He does seem sorry about cheating on Marley.  Marley and her mother talked, and Millie said how precious someone's first time was.  Millie isn't always right, but Marley trusts her.

In the promo for "Puppet Master," Sue made a fisting joke.  Letters from Titan was hoping for a fisting joke.

All in all, I feel I should have found "Movin' Out" a good episode.  I'm kind of cranky that Kurt and Blaine can be suggestive separately, but not when they're in the same city with each other.

I realize that Becky going to college is important.  Also, I still think Lauren Potter should win all the awards for her acting.

Later: A slowed-down gif showed Blaine giving Kurt a tiny peck on the cheek when they hugged when Blaine and Sam first came into the apartment.
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