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Well, in a way. The executive board of the GLBT organization at [local university] was having an end-of-the-semester meeting, and their mentor J. had invited me. They had gotten hoagies of various sorts from a local chain eatery. I had half a turkey one, and half of one with various sliced meats. I'd only had breakfast a couple of hours before that, so I don't know how I had that much room. I had some cookies, too. D.S. asked for feedback on how he'd been as president of the group that semester. I'd certainly heard my share of what the other students thought. The students were very diplomatic today, saying that D. was very "organized." D. himself mentioned his "managerial" style, which I guess is one word for it. The impression I'd gotten from what I've heard was "bossy" or "my way or the highway." It certainly wasn't my place to say that, as I haven't been to many meetings he'd led. I can see how he'd be abrupt with the other students, though. Some of the students said he should "smile more," and "have more fun." I thought that was a nicely diplomatic way to say, "Lighten the hell up." D. seems relatively deferential towards me, I guess because he thinks I'm a grownup. Okay, chronologically I am, but really, H. is easily as mature as I am.

D. certainly works well with J.S. As far as I know, D. and J.S. are still partners, but I'm always afraid to ask the students "How's your boyfriend?" or "How's your girlfriend?" You never know who's still dating and who's broken up. I'm somewhat interested and somewhat curious, but glad not to be involved in any real life soap opera drama in any meaningful way.

H. said she was proud of how she'd led the Transgender Day remembrances. S.H. was involved, as well. I was sorry I'd slept too late to get there to see that. It sounds like it was a rather moving ceremony. Those two are so committed to working on transgender issues.

H. also said she was looking forward to interviewing more professor allies and GLBT former students. We've heard from people who were at [local university] in the 1990s. I think we should give the current students our little questionnaire/survey to fill out, too. S. said he'd been a founder of an organization for the gay students at one of the local high schools. I think that's fairly noteworthy. I'm not just saying that because he's reading my LJ now. I thought, "For real? There's a group at [local high school] now?" I took him back to the house after the meeting was over and showed him my library. "Dolphin Dreams sounds cool," he said.

"Dolphin Dreams nearly made my head explode," I replied. I showed him the warnings for it on the Loose Id website. Of all the books by Jules Jones I've read, that one gave me the worst shock to my system. I did an entry on it on February 16, 2009. The "sex in shifted form" just about did me in. I'd proofed a few where the characters were werewolves who changed form in the middle of things. Somehow it doesn't bother me as much if if both characters -- or however many -- are both werewolves, or were-whatevers. There was that "Between the States" series with the were-bobcats that Lisabea did hilarious reviews of on a ManLove Monday entry ( I had to read the stories after the review of the first one, because just the review had me rolling on the floor laughing. I read a lot of J.M. Snyder stories, but that series was one of the wilder and wackier ones. The other day, I said on the M/M romance fans Yahoo group how much I miss Lisabea's ManLove Mondays, but she said once she started writing books of her own, she couldn't really review others any more.

I loaned S. my copy of Man, Oh Man: Writing M/M Romance for Kinks and Cash. I'd been thinking for quite some time that he'd enjoy reading it. I told him that if he thought the excerpts from the examples of good stuff -- the examples where Josh names the author -- sounded interesting, I had a lot of the books in paperback.

Soap opera (Alles Was Zahlt) didn't have any of Roman and Deniz today, but it had a lot of other things going on. It had Axel, Ingo, all of the Bergmann sisters, and the Steinkamps doing their scheming. I haven't seen a single thing Frederika von Altenberg says subtitled, but I can tell she's a wily old schemer. It's cool to see veteran actors along with the young actors. Richard Steinkamp was arrested for assaulting Alicia Silberstein, which is a complete set-up. Detective Koch is on the case. I'm sure she'll give Richard as hard a time as she did Deniz. The Eskimo Kiss Project didn't have the scenes of how she interrogated Mike, but Mike was a lot more mature than Deniz, and rather tougher-minded. Deniz was completely still in the "puppy stage" then. Deniz didn't have any problem getting into physical fights, but he was still young enough to get intimidated at times, like way back when he called Roman by a nasty slur, and was intimidated by the way Roman responded. Deniz is tough in some ways, but now that's he's a little more mature, and a lot more comfortable with himself, he's really not mean like some of the characters are. Roman isn't at all mean, either, although he's gone along with some evil schemes. He felt bad for letting himself go along with them. He isn't the nice, altruistic one every single time, but he has a conscience.
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