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Saturday so far

I got very tired in the late evening on Friday.  I finally went to bed around 1:00 a.m. or so, I think.  It took me a while to get to sleep.  I woke at 9:30 a.m., which felt early.  I lay there for a bit, and officially got up about fifteen minutes later.

I read a bit more of Just Before Jazz: Black Musical Theater in New York, 1890-1915.

I went out shopping with Mom.  The grocery store has sushi again.  I was happy.  I got California rolls.  I got cut-up watermelon and berries and bread pudding from the salad bar.  I'm still trying to figure out what days they have bread pudding, but it seems rather random.

I finally put up pictures on Tumblr from the garden club's trip to Chanticleer ( in early October.  I'm following black-john-lennon, who I think used to be Killerqueen-80 now, and I reblogged some of her(?) posts, including reblogs, and added my own commentary.

I forgot Glee was in reruns on the CW on Saturdays.  Well, I have the episodes on DVD, so it's not so bad that I forgot to videotape them.  It makes me sad to see Finn.  I wasn't particularly a fan of the character, and would have been glad enough if he'd gotten less screen time.  I'm still sad about the actor's death, though.  I looked at some of my posts on late fourth season Glee episodes, and I had said I wished the actor well.  I knew Cory Monteith had gone to rehab, and that's why he wasn't in the last three episodes of the fourth season.  I can not like a character much and have nothing against the actor.  I don't like mean characters like Santana and Becky, but I've only heard nice things about the actresses.  I thought Lauren Potter should win all the awards for her performance in "Shooting Star."

P. called.  I'm going to go pick her up at her apartment building on Sunday afternoon.  She said she'd been visiting her mother, Ms. F., and that C. and her sister were there.  It sounded like they'd had a good time.

I went out again to get dinner.  Mom went along.  At least I got out of the house a couple of times today.  The weather wasn't bad.

I did laundry, so I got something accomplished.

I saw a .gif of Kurt reacting about his tattoo being wrong.  He says, "What I want back, I can't get!  My innocence, my pride, and my unblemished alabaster skin!"  I think it was a line of the writers of Glee being aware of the fan wank from some fans about Kurt's flawless skin.  "Unblemished" is a bit much.  Kurt has an unexplained scar on the side of his neck, has always had it.  It's quite visible at the beginning of "Candles."  Chris Colfer explained it as having an operation for an infected lymph node as a child.  I have that complexion, so I'm not really impressed by "alabaster," either.  But I thought they were funny lines.

I saw some back-and-forth about the tattoo when it came out as a spoiler.  Some people pointed out that there wasn't that reaction to Jake or Puck's tattoos, but there wasn't the perfect skin fetish on the part of some fans for them, either.  I remembered the laws about Orthodox Jews not being supposed to get tattoos.  It's in Leviticus and I believe it's in the Talmud as well.  Not that I thought Puck and Jake were Orthodox.  They don't wear yarmulkes or other head coverings.  Jake has said he's half-Jewish, and it's his father who's Jewish.  Reform Jews can have either parent being Jewish.  In Orthodox Judaism, it has to be the mother who's Jewish or someone converting to Judaism for a person to be Jewish.  I believe it's the same in Conservative Judaism.  I didn't see a reaction to Quinn getting an "ironic Ryan Seacrest" tattoo, either, except for lots of AU fics where either Kurt or Blaine were skanks and had tattoos, piercings and pink streaks in their hair.  Most of the people I follow on Tumblr focus on Kurt and Blaine and the actors.

I have a tattoo that was based on the outline of an English rose, 'Dove', that's pictured in Roger Phillips and Martin Rix's first edition of The Random House Guide to Roses. 'Dove' is white and mine is pink.  I later had it recolored so the leaves weren't so yellow.
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