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Friday so far

I went to bed around midnight.  It took me a while to go to sleep.  I woke at 8:30 a.m. and decided to stay up.

I saw on the corner of Tumblr I follow that Darren Criss is asking for donations to help the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. He said that the majority of his family is from the Philippines, and that his mother was born and raised there.  He's signing postcards for the people who donate.  I am guessing that's going to be a lot of postcards.

I watched "The End of Twerk" again.

S.M. came over at 1:30 p.m.  We went through the pictures I'd taken for the garden club's November meeting.  I'd taken over a hundred pictures.  We saved 35, and I put them on her computer and burned a CD of them for her.  We downloaded the pictures she'd taken onto her computer, and she saved the ones she wanted.

I played a few jukebox songs from my Glee season four DVDs for S.M.  I had played the iTunes versions of "Bring Him Home" and "Come What May" for her.  She liked the visuals in the jukebox versions.  I played a few other songs.  I hadn't gotten "O Holy Night," but I figured S.M. would like that.  I mostly get Kurt songs and Blaine songs, or them dueting.  I've gotten some Rachel songs where she and Kurt are singing, like "Defying Gravity."  I got the CDs "Journey to Regionals," "The Power of Madonna" and "The Rocky Horror Glee Show" at Goodwill, so I have those songs.

P. called.  I told her I couldn't meet up with her right then, but that we'd get together.  She said she'd call me tomorrow.  She still doesn't have a phone.

All in all it was a pretty productive afternoon. I do want to get together with P.

Later: Dear Author had a free m/m romance on Daily Deals.  At least, it was free as a Kindle and Nook book.  I find it odd that on those occasions when I see a free Samhain book promo, it's usually not free at the publisher's site.

Dad saw P. at the library.

I joined in the lovefest for Colton.  I said that I didn't get his math jokes, but that I appreciated a lot of his posts.
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