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and another quiet day

I spent part of the day reading non-fiction. Then I watched some behind-the-scenes clips from AWZ actors, with English subtitles. When I watch AWZ clips and the whole show now, I'm really amazed by how much German I've picked up since September or October. I shopped a little, got the sequel to Willa Okati's Tomcat Jones, which was fairly cute. First I'd read her story, "Cafe Noctem," in Hearts from the Ashes. I tried more J.L. Langley and Ally Blue stories after reading the anthology, too. So I got Willa's The Name of the Game and It's How You Play the Game, and had some issues with them, more for The Name of the Game. (*some spoilers*) It's a Gay for You story, as one protagonist pretends to be gay to break up with his awful girlfriend, then falls for the other guy, who was at least gay to start with. They have Big Misunderstandings, though their failure to communicate at least doesn't separate them for years. I had a better time dealing with the second book, It's How You Play the Game. The one protagonist was stalkerish, and the other one had major fears of commitment which were never really explained. Also, there was a rather minor thing for most people which bothered me. The one character decided to stop to go to the bathroom before a class starts. He runs into the other guy in the hallway, they talk, they go to class, they hang out immediately after the class, for quite some time. I was like, does this poor guy ever get the chance to pee? It distracted me from the whole chapter.

So I was slow to try again, after those two books. But then I proofread some of her stories for Changeling, and thought they were awesome. Her Dragons series is really good, and so is the Screen Shots series. I don't have any burning plans to collect every book she's written, but I'm willing to give her fantasy stories a chance.

I still haven't read Z.A. Maxfield's first book, Crossing Borders, which got mixed reviews. It just didn't sound like my kind of thing. Policeman and ninteen-year-old boy he gives tickets to fall in love? I liked the St. Nacho's books I tried, though I was put off for a while by the name of the series. Aside from (*spoilers*) one character moving halfway across the country to be with the other one when they'd know each other for two weeks or so, and not particularly getting the motivations of that character through the whole book, the first one was cool. The second one had the motivations of both protagonists being somewhat clearer. I didn't think the one who was also in the first book could be redeemed, but his redemption was pretty convincing to me. So now I'm trying Family Unit.

For my other book shopping, I saw that a major Dr. Fell story of Syd McGinley's was finally -- finally -- available complete in e-book, rather than only through subscription. I'm not sure if the wait for that was worse than the wait for Inland Empire. Both were difficult waits for me. When I wrote to Syd asking about other stories from the Dr. Fell world, I said that they were an auto-buy for me if I knew they were out. Not that I expect her to personally e-mail me whenever she has a new story out, but I want some way to get notification. I check her website every so often, but that needs updating. The new Dr. Fell paperback, Found, is out now, too. (Edited to add: I looked at Syd's Live Journal, and she had said well ahead of time when Dr. Fell: Found and the e-book of "Attitude Adjustments" would be out. Both came out November 25, so it was only about three weeks before I found that "Attitude Adjustments" was out. In a way, I'm glad I read "Pink: Dolorosa" first, because I got a lot more perspective on what was going on with Charlie. I'm just still not that impressed with Dave. I don't see what the appeal is. He consistently tries to manipulate Dr. Fell to get his own way, and he can't deal with some of the sex acts Dr. Fell enjoys, let alone the BDSM. I liked Rory, Jamie and Dex a lot better -- even Tommy seemed like a much better sub in a lot of ways. Dave would have to improve a whole lot for me to like him.)

Josh Lanyon has been a little late (but mostly just by a day or two) in telling his LJ readers when he has a new release out, for the last two or three stories published. Finding out when stories are out is one of the more major reasons I check his LJ regularly.

Not that I want to get "Buy my book, buy my book," from anyone every day for months on end, but some I really do want to know about so I can get them. Some of the e-publisher website are really hard to search, so it really is easier for me to hear about it other ways. J.M. Snyder is really good about keeping her websites updated with when her new stories come out, and I think I've gotten the great majority of her Amber Allure books. It's way easier to check on her websites than to try to search the Amber Quill Press website. Do I sound like I'm really cranky tonight? I'm not, because I'm happy I got the books I did. I just would have gotten them sooner if I'd known about them sooner.
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