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Sunday so far

I went to bed around 1:00 a.m. or so.  I woke briefly at 7:00 a.m.  All my covers had fallen off, and I was cold.  I put the blankets back over me and went back to sleep.  I woke at 11:30 a.m.

I read a little online, then sat under the sunlight-effect lamp.  I read a little of "Benevolent Assimilation": The American Conquest of the Philippines, 1899-1903 by Stuart Creighton Miller.  Miller talked about the U.S. going across the North American continent, through "underpopulated" lands, until there was no more American frontier.  The lands had Native Americans on them, but Miller doesn't say anything more directly about Native Americans than "underpopulated."  So far he's talked some about imperialism in the context of some people feeling even at the time that the U.S. was imperialistic, along with European countries.  I think "imperialistic" is a suitable term.

I finished up three editing jobs.  They were short stories.

Added: Dad was in another Veterans' Day parade.  I think the other one he was in was on Friday.  Mom went with him to see a memorial ceremony and hear speeches.  She said it was freezing out.  They went to the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars) Hall in [borough] for dinner.  I don't do too well in cold weather, so I think it was more productive for me to stay home and do those editing jobs.

I have another Tumblr follower, one who puts up lots of pictures of cats interspersed with occasional pictures of Darren Criss and Matt Bomer.  I am assuming the person is following me for my Glee posts, considering the Darren Criss pictures.  Letters from Titan puts up lots of pictures of turtles.  Several of the people I follow put up pictures of goats, rabbits and cats, and there's "Oh, the Hu-manatee!" with the manatee pictures among the social justice posts.  I think it's time for me to put up some flower spam.

Penroseparticle, a.k.a. Colton, talks a lot about anime and Marvel Comics.  I can partially follow the comics discussions because I read a lot of comics in the 1980s and early 1990s, so I know who the Scarlet Witch and Ms. Marvel are, and I'd read Avengers comics a couple decades before seeing the movies.  I appreciate Colton's Glee posts.  He's a big Rachel fan and I'm not, so I don't necessarily appreciate the posts tagged "Colton, yer a Rachel stan."  But I appreciate other posts.  Sometimes he'll post about racism, which he gets.  He makes math jokes, which are completely lost on me.  I think he's a math major.

Weeds makes a lot of social justice posts, in among the posts about cartoons.  I appreciate some of the disability ones.  She got really into Teen Wolf, which seems like it would be too violent for me, but apparently disability signifies evil on Teen Wolf.  It's supposed to be post-racial, except for killing characters of color off, and post-gay, but it seems like ableism is a thing on it.  I don't actually believe that American society is anywhere near being post-racial or post-gay, but some people do.  There are other people I follow on Tumblr who post about half on Glee and half on disability.  I worry when they seem to be in fragile mental states, but they come back the next day with more posts.  I am not saying that all people with disabilities have fragile mental states, just some of disabled people I follow seem to have them sometimes.

I expected that I'd blog sometimes on GLBTQ topics, but I also blog about race and disability and various intersectionalities sometimes.  I kind of know how that happened.  My blogs were supposed to be completely self-indulgent, but I end up thinking of other people every so often.  That was not really intentional.

Later: Letters from Titan did a Glee post.  Among other things, she said she liked Sam in his Gaga costume, but didn't find the guys attractive generally.  Or, that's my paraphrase of what I got from what she said.  I found the guys attractive, as I do.  I wasn't quite as excited about how tight Blaine's Gaga costume shorts were as some of the people I follow were, but I appreciated the costume.  I didn't recognize him in the first pictures of the costume, because his hair was so different.  I still found him difficult to recognize as Blaine until he spoke.  I recognized people by their hair much more so when I was younger, but apparently it's something I still count on.

I am usually attracted to guys who are more on the androgynous side and gentlemanly butches of any gender.  Traditionally feminine really doesn't do it for me.  I wish Glee would introduce a baby butch character.  I don't know how many more characters they'll introduce, but New Directions needs twelve members for Nationals.  Perhaps Bree will join New Directions.  You Gotta Let It Out said that when Jesse St. James joined New Directions, he got a soul.  That seems to happen at least to some extent to other characters, too.  Kurt and Mercedes already had souls, and so did Blaine and Unique.  We'll see what happens when Bree interacts more with New Directions members.  Vocal Adrenaline were "soulless automatons."  The first set of Cheerios! who were sent to sabotage New Directions from within grew to enjoy being a part of the group.  Jake has a soul.  He'll redeem himself sooner or later.

Later still: We are getting new cabinets and countertops, so we cleared out more old cabinets and cleared off more countertops.
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