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TV watching -- "A Katy or a Gaga"

There were parts of the episode I loved, and parts of the episode I thought Biyuti would be infuriated by.  There was a lot I loved in the first half.  A character played by Adam Lambert swung from a chandelier while performing.  I wondered what was up with Kurt not wanting to be out there, but wanting to have mainstream success.  Kurt's biggest thing is being himself.  I'm sure he'll get back to that.  Blaine complained that in his costume he looked "like Siegfried and Roy," as in both of them at once.  The Lady Gaga costumes were wild, but I saw a post on what outfits they were based on.  Will suspended Marley for not wearing an outrageous enough costume.

Jake cheated on Marley.  Not that I care that much about Marley, but it was the way it happened, too, him going up to Bree and her immediately agreeing to have sex with him.  Santana and Brittany did that before Bree did, but a lot of fans weren't too sure about Brittany's ability to consent.  I always thought that she could.  But Biyuti predicted that Bree would be seen as easy.

The last song the characters performed had most of the New Directions boys wearing loincloths, with Artie in an outfit that looked like a white explorer or safari outfit.  Whatever that's based on, it's pretty racist imagery.

Kurt turned down Starchild, the character played by Adam Lambert, for his band at first.  Starchild later toned it down and said that he was also known as Elliott Gilbert.  Santana told Kurt to stop flirting, that he had a fiance.  I wonder if there's going to be trouble there, with Kurt agreeing to sing with a guy.  Kurt said that Adam had kicked him out of Adam's Apples when Adam found out that Kurt was engaged.

Jake complained that one of the outfits he wore made him look like "a gay Thundercat."  Overall, Jake was not a nice guy this episode.  Sue suspended the students in New Directions for the costumes they wore.  I will see how people react to the episode, but I'm sure some will think there were racist aspects in some scenes.  I thought the part with the characters in jungle outfits was racist.  I'm sure it's based on a video by one of the singers in the episode title.

Added: Most of the people on my dash were pretty happy about the "jungle" scene with the boys in loincloths and the girls in grass skirts, with somewhat of an exception of Callie saying the outfits except for Artie's were tacky.

Santana called Kurt a queen, and she knows that upsets him.  In previous episodes she's called him "Lady Hummel," and he doesn't like that.  In one episode, she said, "Just when you think it can't get any gayer, it does."  It made him stop celebrating.  Santana has been verbally abusive to Kurt all along.  I wish he'd call her out on it.

Very early on, he said, "Can we talk about the giant elephant in the room?"

Santana said, "Your sexuality?"  Kurt went on to say what he wanted to say, but although Santana has been an ally to Kurt every so often, much more often she's vicious.

The current New Directions kids gave a nod to Kurt by saying they'd lost their biggest Lady Gaga when he graduated.  Blaine was proud to be a Katy Perry.

I hope things go well with Kurt and his band.  I'm curious to see how that goes.
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