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Friday so far

I was really tired by 10:00 p.m.  I tried going to bed at 1:00 a.m. and probably fell asleep around 1:30 a.m.  I woke at 8:30 a.m.  During breakfast, I put a little Kahlua in the cream left over from my bowl of cereal and drank that.

I sat under the sunlight-effect lamp for half an hour and re-read some of Disasterology 101.  I can't get over the kids (in their early teens) in it knowing what gay meant because of Kurt and Blaine, and Brittany and Santana, of Glee.  One of Amy Lane's books, Mourning Heaven, also had a kid knowing what gay meant from Glee.  I realize that m/m romance novels are not mainstream.  I forget how mainstream Glee is.  It's plausible enough that a kid would know what gay is from watching Glee.  Odds are that they wouldn't get all the references and know the vocabulary that I do.  I didn't get it when Sebastian said that Kurt had "gay-face," but I've gotten the rest.  I asked on what was then AfterElton, and a couple of the guys said that that meant that someone was obviously gay.

I still wish that the banner saying "Blaine is on the bottom" had said "Blaine is a bottom," for accuracy's sake.  However, I get why it would be pushing it to fly a banner like that.  Blaine showed that he wanted to be seen as a top, or perhaps that should be Top, by wearing the leather motorcycle cap in "Don't Stop Me Now" in "Diva."  Then with that banner, he said, "And it's not true!  Not really!"  I think Blaine would have taken a "Blaine is on the top" banner better.  I thought it hinted that he didn't mind people assuming Kurt was a bottom.  I think my comment on AE was that there was nothing wrong with being a bottom, although Blaine was upset that information about a sexual (and possibly otherwise) role he might take could be seen across western Ohio.  I like to imagine in my headcanon that Kurt and Blaine are versatile.  It's established that they role-play, like Kurt liking it when Blaine talks "fratty."  I wouldn't mind more "adorable baby kinksters" hints, even if they're just in what Kurt and Blaine wear.  Although I hope they go over the heads of kids watching.  Letters from Titan posted an explanation of what it meant when the Blaine of Sue's imagination said, "I'm performing on the bathhouse circuit."  I understood when I heard the line and thought it was hysterical.  I think I understood that reference as fully as someone who's never been in that kind of bathhouse could.  I'll have to ask some of the older guys I correspond with if they'd ever been to a bathhouse.

When the site still was AfterElton, and people could send private messages, I wrote to Donuthead when she inquired as to the precise meaning of that banner.  I explained it the best of my ability.  Donuthead was old enough to have a husband and a child, so I wasn't explaining it to someone young.  Of course the guys on AE got it.

In real life, I ran a couple of errands, including going to the liquor store.  I called Mom before I went into the store to ask if she wanted anything.  She did.  I got golden sherry for her and a bottle of Chenin Blanc for myself.  The bottle of Chenin Blanc that's in the refrigerator has lasted for several months, and there are still a few glasses worth of wine in it.  I only have a glass at a time, and usually like once a week, if that.

It was raining pretty hard in the early morning, and drizzling when I went out in the late morning.  By mid-afternoon the sun was out, and I went out in the yard.  The rose of the mystery pink rose was gone.  It was probably eaten.  Dad said today that he'd seen through an upstairs window a deer crossing our street and going into our yard.  The rose has several other buds, but they're little, and there will probably be a frost before they open.  I checked out 'Duchesse de Brabant', and it has a number of new leaves.  The tea roses do not know when to go dormant.  The leaves of Rosa rugosa alba have turned yellow.  The rugosa roses go dormant at an appropriate time for the climate.  'Roseraie de l'Haye' has yellow leaves, too.  I think that's a rugosa hybrid.

The sweet briar rose has lots of hips.  I took pictures.  I went out to the winterberry hollies, and they have many berries.  If I remember correctly, the cultivar was called 'Winter Red', if there's such a cultivar.  They still have their leaves, but they'll fall soon.  I put pictures up on Tumblr of the sweet briar rose and the winterberry.  The little bay tree still looks good.  There's a small scented geranium we could bring in.  Dad brought the begonias in a few days ago.

Later: I watched "Makeover" and "The Break-Up."  "The Break-Up" made me sad for various reasons.  I went on a relatively muted-in-emotions spiral compared to some a couple of weeks after the episode originally aired, after telling myself repeatedly that it was a fictional TV show, not real life.  I feel like I'm pretty good about distinguishing the two.  Now I know I can watch "Love, Love, Love" again, which should cheer me up.  In general in life, I don't want to feel down.  Maybe if there's a fairly warm day next week I'll go to Longwood Gardens and see the Chrysanthemum Festival.  Going there makes me happy.
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