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Thursday so far

I felt sleepy at midnight, lay down at 1:00 a.m. or so, and couldn't get to sleep.  I got up again.  I think I must have gone to sleep around 2:30 a.m.  I woke at 10:00 a.m. or so.

I sat under the sunlight-effect lamp for half an hour.  I read a bit more of Bending the Iron.  The men washed each other's hair, which I doubt happens in real life.  I re-read a bit of Disasterology 101.

S.M. had e-mailed me to see if I wanted to go out to lunch with her.  I said yes.  We went to a cafe, or at least a restaurant in a chain with "cafe" in the title.  I had eggs Benedict, which I hadn't had for a while.  S.M. was talking about various things, and got around to talking about medical things.  She started talking about having an endoscopy.  I said to not talk about that while we were eating, but she went right on talking about it as if I hadn't said anything.  I hadn't realized that she wouldn't take me seriously when it came to trying to limit a conversation.

We went back to her house, and worked on the computer.  It still said it was trying to repair files.  After a while of turning itself off and on, it gave the choice to restore.  We chose that.  S.M. said her e-mail folders were missing, but I figured out how to have them show up again.  We worked on freeing up some space on the computer.  S.M. showed me her new patio, which looked very nice.  She'd taken pictures of it, and I showed her how to download the pictures from the camera.  I also showed her how to send the pictures as attachments to e-mails.  I'm pretty sure I've taught her how to send pictures as attachments before, but this time she wrote it down.

S.M. wanted to look for sites that showed pictures of dried flower arrangements, which is the November garden club floral assignment.  She said she'd already been to the usual site.  I think she meant Google.  We looked there.  The first several links were to people selling dried flower arrangements.  There were some links to YouTube videos of people doing arrangements, and we watched a couple of them.  I don't think she actually learned how to watch a YouTube video by herself, but maybe someday I'll teach her that.  All in all it was a good afternoon.

I stopped at the grocery store.  While I was waiting in a line, a man asked me if I was in the line.  "Yes," I said.  Then he asked if he could go in front of me because he was older than me.  I don't know why he was fucking around like that.  I am middle-aged.  I didn't reply verbally, just by my shoulders stiffening and by moving forward in line.

I got home just as it was starting to rain a little.  I got an editing job to work on, a short one that's due next Thursday.  My plan is to work on that some tonight, to read, and maybe watch DVDs.

It was nice to see S.M., and we did get some things done with the computer.

Later: I worked on the editing job.  I'd feel good turning it in now, but I'll go over it again before I turn it in.

J. called, and I talked to him briefly.  He told me about work.  He stood a lot today, with a client who works but needs to be shadowed and prompted.  J. says Morris goes crazy barking when trick-or-treaters come, so he and K. were going to take Morris to her parents' house.
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