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Sunday so far

I went to bed at 1:00 a.m. and probably fell asleep around 2:00 a.m.  I woke at 7:30 a.m. for no apparent reason.  I had breakfast.  I had cream with my cereal, so I added French Vanilla Kahlua to the leftover cream.  I figured that either the coffee in the Kahlua would keep me awake, or the liquor would make me drowsy.  It turned out it was the latter.  I lay down again at 8:30 a.m. and dozed off and on until 11:30 a.m.

I thought I should get out of the house.  Mom and I went to a Wawa (convenience store) and got soft pretzels.  It's a Pennsylvania thing, perhaps as local as being a southeastern Pennsylvania thing.  We went to a department store and looked around, but didn't really see what we were looking for.  Mom wanted bright blue pants.  Bright blue is really not a winter color.  The pants at that department store, in that section, were mostly blacks, browns and grays.

We went to a Wal-Mart.  I kept trying to remember what I'd really wanted from there, but was blanking out.  I'll probably remember tonight.  I got a few things.

After we got home, I went out to look at the mystery pink rose.  One bud is open enough that I could smell the fragrance of the rose.  The deer will probably eat it, but at least it opened that far.

It was a relatively productive trip for me.  The important thing was not staying in the house all day.  It was somewhat warmer out today than it's been, so that was good.

Later: I called J. and talked to him for about half an hour.

I texted with J.-PA on and off for a while.

Chris Colfer put up pictures of himself, a friend (though he hasn't said, the man presumed to be his boyfriend), and his cat all dressed as Star Wars characters.  He called himself in the costume he made up "sexy R2-D2."  There was various discussion of that on the blogs I follow, but my impression is that most fans of his seemed happy.  Of course, I follow some people who complained about objectification.  Among other things, I think he still looks like a teenager, so I wasn't into it in the same way some were, though he does have nice arms.

(*spoilers for upcoming Glee episodes*)

Supposedly Kurt will get a tattoo, and there was much discussion of that.  One relatively big name fan said she was grossed out by tattoos, and that it would ruin her fandom experience.  I am paraphrasing.  She talked about how terrible it was that the character's "flawless skin" would be ruined.  (Again paraphrasing, except for the "flawless skin" part.)  I have that complexion.  My skin is not flawless.  I'm sure it will all blow over sooner or later.  GleekTO was just talking about how fans freaked out about spoilers long before the episodes aired.  This is the case here.
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