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"It's werewolves in space this week," I said.
"Weren't you tired of werewolves?" one of the students asked. Some of them hear quite a lot about my editing work, apparently. (Edited to add: Once I got into it, it was a good story. It was just a really busy week from Sunday through Wednesday.)
"It depends on the werewolves," is probably what I should have said. I'm still looking forward to the books in J.L. Langley's "With or Without" series, especially Sterling and Rhys' story.

I volunteered at the secondhand bookstore today, and still have some aches in my shoulders and back from lifting a half-full carton of books down off the top shelves of the general paperback section. The boxes for second half of the alphabet are above my head. I really should have just gone up on the stepladder to look into the box, as I did with another box in the "M"s. There were just so many boxes on the floor in front of that one, it seemed easier to bring it down. It was still too heavy for me to hold over my head, though. I miss the Friars. Some were there last Thursday, though, because the hallway leading to the back exit is all painted, and looks very nice.

Big things brewing on the soap opera. (*spoilers*) It looks like Roman won't be skating anymore. I'm sure the actor, Dennis G., is incredibly happy about that. He's said in interviews that he's never really felt like he was especially coordinated, and doesn't seem like he's all that into sports. But the show's got other people starting who really are skaters, so there will be skating to watch. I didn't start watching the show for the figure skating, although I'm sure a lot of other people are fans for that reason.
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