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Thursday so far

I went to bed around 3:00 a.m., and got up at 11:30 a.m.  Mom asked if I wanted to go with her to work, as she was working the evening shift.  I didn't really want to.  I have an editing job to finish up, and I couldn't do that there.  I went over it pretty well, but I want to read through it one more time before I turn it in.

I watched "Britney 2.0."  I'm going through the fourth season very slowly, but I saw the episodes when they aired and then did the summer rewatch along with the F Yeah Glee Podcast folks.

I had thought that since I didn't go with Mom that I would stay in the house, but Dad was going out on various errands, and I decided to go with him.  I thought it would be good to get out of the house.  We went to the library, and I returned some of the books on the Philippine-American war I had had out, and a guidebook to the Philippines.  I didn't get any more books out.  I already have a bunch of romances and several YA books.

I had e-mailed Uly to congratulate him on his wedding, and he e-mailed back.  He said it was pretty low-key.  I'm excited about it.

S.M. e-mailed me about getting together tomorrow.  I called back and left a message.

Dad and I went to Target, and I got some food and the DVD of "The King's Speech," which was $5.00.  We went to get spring water.  I picked up food for a late lunch for myself from the Indian grocery.  I got chicken tikka masala, an eggplant dish, and garlic naan.  The eggplant dish wasn't baingan barthe, but I decided to try it.  I had started soaking basmati rice before we left.  We stopped at the produce place, and I got dates and prickly pear cactus fruit.

Dad said I should eat outside, so the house wouldn't smell like masala.  It was cool out, but not terribly cold, so I did.  Personally, I like the smell of masala, but Mom and Dad disagree.  I didn't really care for the eggplant dish, and also the stems were still on the eggplants, but I'll keep an eye out for when they have baingan barthe and get that.

I finished cooking the basmati rice.  If I'd timed it right, I could have had it with the chicken tikka masala, but I didn't get around to cooking the rice until after we got back home.

I did laundry.

Dear Author's Daily Deals featured a Samhain book that was free.  They said the reviews said it didn't have a whole lot of plot.  While I like books with plot, I can live without it if I like the characters.  Ellora's Cave had a m/m book among their "free-for-two-weeks" books promo, Love the Sinner by Avril Ashton.  It had been featured free on Amazon a couple of weeks ago.  Amazon and Barnes & Noble price-matched with Ellora's Cave.  The person who noted on the "free books and sales" thread on the Backlot "Gay Books" forum the last time it was free said it looked like a "Gay for You" book.  I think so, too.  Ellora's Cave doesn't have much m/m compared to some other independent romance publishers, but there are a few.  Honestly, I'm more excited that they have some of Roberta Gellis' books back in print.  Those are classics.  Since I've been checking the free book promos, they've had Roselynde free, and Siren Song, and The English Heiress.  I had read the first two.

I don't know what I'm going to have for dinner besides basmati rice, but I'll think of something.

F Yeah Glee Podcast has a podcast about weddings tonight.  That should be interesting enough.

I was out and about much more than I planned, but I think it's good for me to get out.  My fingers are pricked in a couple of places from eating the prickly pear cactus fruit, though the prickles, or at least the great majority of them, are removed before they sell the fruit.

Later: I worked on a couple of editing jobs.

The podcast was at 9:00 p.m. instead of 8:00 p.m. because of technical difficulties.  They covered the weddings on Glee, including offscreen ones.  At first I thought they were going to miss some, but I think they got them all.

Later still: I finished an editing job.  The other isn't due for a few weeks, but I might try to finish that one up this weekend.
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