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Thursday so far

I had a belated midnight snack at 2:00 a.m. and probably fell asleep between 2:30 and 3:00 a.m.  I woke a little after 10:00 a.m. and got going relatively quickly, so that wasn't bad.

I called S.M. to ask if she wanted to get together, but she had a lot going on today.  I texted with J.-PA some.  She still hasn't gotten any of the fic books she wanted.  I finally found a page I'd written all the fics available on.  I'd checked off "Near Misses" and "All the Other Ghosts" as the ones I wanted.  "Fix" wasn't checked off, but I remembered ordering that, and I wanted it.  If the books come available on a regular basis, I'll get "Lovesong."  That's another I have in PDF and e-pub format.

Tonight is my sleep study.  I hope I can sleep some, so they can figure out if I have sleep apnea or not.  Considering that Mom, Dad and J. have it, I think it's likely.

I made a "Rainbow eBooks" folder in my documents, and started downloading the books I'd gotten from there in .mobi, e-pub and PDF formats.  I got through "C."  I want to download them all before the bookstore closes altogether in December.

I got Jet Mykles' "Leashed" books from ARe.  I liked the one I read in Howl.  I think that must have been somewhere in the middle of the series.

Later: The jasmines I had ordered from Logee's came.  The fragrance collection is Jasminum nitidum 'Royal Jasmine', Jasminum humile 'Revolutum' and Jasminum sambac 'Maid of Orleans'.  The other one I got is Jasminum sambac 'Grand Duke of Tuscany'.  If I remember right, 'Grand Duke of Tuscany' is very double.  I unwrapped and watered them, and put them on the windowsill for now.

Later than that: I watched "The New Rachel."  I guess I'll do my rewatch of season four in among watching season five.

I worked on an editing job.

P. called, but I missed the call.

J. called to say his first day at work had gone well.  It was all training -- reading and doing quizzes.  When he got out of work he learned that K. wasn't feeling well.  I hope she feels better soon.
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