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Yesterday: At the bookstore for an hour or so -- filled in quite a bit on the historical romance shelves. I think usually the lady who works on Tuesday mornings, H.(E.), does that, but today she left it for me. Lots of books came in as donations. V. and P. (the taller one) were sorting them out. I was anxious to get home before the storm hit, and before it got dark.

Wednesday's episode of Alles Was Zahlt was beautiful but angsty. Everything the fans could want with Deniz and Roman, but as Eskimo Kiss Project ( says, twisting of the knife in the viewers' hearts. Roman and Deniz have a bedroom set now -- previously they were shown having sex on various couches and in the shower in the men's locker room at Steinkamp Sport & Wellness. I don't know how many times they've had sex in the shower. I think it would be hard to top episode 751 for that, though. That's what got me hooked on the whole show. It was just the most gorgeous love scene, with explicit sensuality, yet showing what tenderness those two have for each other. Now Roman and Deniz have a cute little bedroom all to themselves, and Deniz was so sweet and trusting (and cuddly) towards Roman, and talking about how he defended "his Bunny." I was like, "aww, 'his Bunny.'" And then there was the angst at the end.

Have been commenting on the M/M Romance Fans Yahoo group. Jessewave had a guest post from William Maltese which stirred up a lot of his fellow authors, and some readers ( Alex Beecroft and Erastes were among those fuming. Lee Rowan made yet another comment that made me want to marry her. I think the previous comment she made for which I said I wanted to marry her was to the Lambda Literary Awards Foundation. I said that on The Naughty Bits ( that time. William Maltese said that men and women write m/m differently, and that readers should research what sex the author is and look for the "real" male perspective, or words to that effect. I see a difference with some authors, but I also know of a number of women authors who do great male viewpoints. I also find that several of the authors I think do really good male perspective are at least kind of genderqueer. William did not mention that in his generalizations.

I think I made some good points. Somewhere in there I did a summary of Josh Lanyon's "particular [writing] style." Here it is: "As others have mentioned, we expect that you'll write books with plot. :) The characters will be articulate, although they'll have this tendency to get themselves into trouble. The romance is usually understated, and relatively restrained. Perhaps "not gratuitous" is the phrase I want there. We expect the characters will come across very much as real people, with real motivations. The protagonists will clearly develop an emotional connection, but will not discuss it with each other in every detail for pages on end. The reader has to stay alert to pick up on what's going on, but there's a good payoff in appreciation and entertainment." I think it was a pretty reasonable summary.

Teddypig is having authors list the five books which inspired them to write m/m fiction. I just commented on Jet Mykles' entry, and I've got to comment on Lisabea's entry. She mentioned a few I rave about frequently. I had just commented that it was her "very enthusiastic" recommendations of My Fair Captain which got me to try it. The Englor Affair is better in non-romance-related plot, I think, but Aiden was just too cute. I really liked Payton and Simon in The Englor Affair, though. I'm anxiously awaiting the next book in either the "With or Without" (werewolf) or "Sci-Regency" series. I keep checking J.L. Langley's "Works in Progress" page, on the word counts section, to see how it's going. I'm not sure if I like Adrien English or Nathan Doyle of "Snowball in Hell" better. It's close -- they're both up there among some of my favorite characters. I loaned S. Fatal Shadows and gave him "Snowball in Hell" as a gift. I have a feeling he'll like Adrien better, but we'll see.
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