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A few days ago I saw GLAAD's 2013 Network Responsibility Index.  They gave Fox a good grade, and said that out of their programming they had "280 (42%) LGBT-inclusive hours."  They said that reality TV counted for a lot of that, but that Glee was again up there among the scripted shows.  I'll quote.  "Glee remains, without a doubt, one of the most inclusive shows on Fox and on television in general.  Teen couple Kurt and Blaine broke up, but left the season close to reconciliation and a possible engagement.  Brittany and Santana broke up as well, with Santana moving to New York and Brittany not expected to be part of the regular cast.  Recurring transgender high-schooler Unique, however, is actually expected to enjoy an expanded role in the coming season, making her the most prominent trans character on television."

It wasn't like Kurt and Blaine stopped being gay because they weren't a couple, or like Santana stopped being a lesbian or like Brittany stopped being bisexual because she was with Sam. There was still representation in the fourth season.

I am happy Unique is a regular character this year.  Santana's new love interest, "100% Sapphic goddess" Dani, should be in a few episodes.  There will most likely be other gay characters besides Kurt and Blaine.  I don't expect to see Sebastian again, and don't really expect to see Adam, but by the fourth season it had gotten so new characters who were straight needed to specify that they were.  Brody said right away that he was straight.  Hunter said that he wasn't even "remotely bi-curious," which was hilarious.  I want to see the sycophants again, Bernard and his friend.  I am sure there will be plenty of representation of queer characters in the fifth season.

I am happy that Kurt and Blaine are back together.  I expect that they'll still have challenges.  Hopefully they'll be prominent characters this year.  I want for Unique to have storylines, too.  I'm kind of done with Santana and her usual cruelty, and with Santana and Dani's biphobia, but I expect that Santana will be a fairly prominent character.  And I'm sure some of the new characters this year will be GLBTQ.

Later: I saw GLAAD's 2013 Where We Are On TV report.  I'll quote some.  "Following a record high last season, the analysis of characters for the 2013-2014 scripted primetime broadcast television schedule found that 3.3% of series regulars will be lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender characters."

"Among the 796 series regulars counted this year across 109 primetime scripted television programs on the five broadcast networks [ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox and NBC], 26 are LGBT, (a decrease from last year's 31), while 770 are non-LGBT (97%)."

"This year, GLAAD found that 16 primetime broadcast scripted comedy series will be LGBT inclusive; compared to the 17 counted at the beginning of the last season."

LGBT: "There aren't any new characters on the Fox dramas, however on the comedy side, Unique was upgraded to a regular role on Glee, making her the only regular transgender character on a broadcast series."

"Scripted Series with LGBT People of Color on Broadcast Television" -- eleven shows, one of which is Glee.

"Five Year Trend: Broadcast Networks Scripted Series Regulars" -- for 2013-2014, 26 LGBT characters were series regulars.  "Five Year Trend: Fox Scripted Series Regulars" 2013-2014 -- 7 were LGBT.  "Five Year Trend: Number of Regular and Recurring LGBT Characters on Broadcast Networks" 2013-2014 -- 21 were gay, 14 were lesbian, 8 were bisexual, and 1 was transgender.

Out of those 26, Kurt, Blaine, Santana and Unique are four.  Out of the 7 on Fox, Kurt, Blaine, Santana and Unique are four.  Out of the "Number of Regular and Recurring LGBT Characters on Broadcast Networks" 2013-2014, the one transgendered character is Unique.

"Last year saw a big improvement in regards to the ethnic diversity of LGBT characters on primetime broadcast scripted series, but this year shows a slight decline.  This year, 28% of LGBT characters are counted as people of color (POC), compared to 30% last year.  Of those, 11% (5) are Black, 4% (2) are Latino/a, 7% (3) are Asian-Pacific Islander and 7% (3) are counted as multi-racial or "other."

So Unique is one of 5 Black LGBT characters, Santana is one of 2 Latino/a LGBT characters, and Blaine is one of 3 multi-racial LGBT characters.

I thought Glee was rare in its diversity, but it's really rare for a scripted primetime show, and the characters make up a significant amount of the numbers GLAAD counted.  I can understand why groups like GLAAD are excited about a Latina lesbian character and a Black transgendered character.

So far there hasn't been an episode that didn't have at least one queer character, and there's been at least one episode ("On My Way") that had eight queer characters.  There's also been at least one episode, probably more, that had all the letters of LGBT represented, between Kurt, Blaine, Brittany, Santana and Unique.
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