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Monday so far

I felt sick with tiredness much of the day yesterday.  I had a glass of Chenin Blanc around 11:00 p.m.  I went to bed around midnight, and I don't think it took me too long to go to sleep.  I woke at 10:30 a.m. feeling groggy, but the feeling passed after an hour or two.

I was kind of slow to get going, but not as slow as Saturday or Sunday.  I started a long-running phone upgrade, and went to the AT&T store in the midst of it.  The associate said I shouldn't have taken the phone out of wi-fi range, but that perhaps the part where it needed wi-fi was done.  I asked about Instagram, which I'd tried to download.  The associate said that when there was a big upgrade, the apps were configured to go with the new version of the upgrade, so maybe it would work after that.

When I got home, I looked at the phone and saw that the upgrade was done.  While before I knew how to use a few features, now I don't know how to use any of them.  I am not really a technology person.  I want to see J. so he can help me with all things iTunes and iPhone.  Maybe I'll go visit him when K. is feeling better.  As I post about, most of the trip there I take the scenic route, and it's not bad.  I go on 95 for a little ways.

I e-mailed Aunt P.S. to tell her I'd like to see her and Uncle D. over the weekend.  I've driven there by myself before.  A good bit of the drive the way we do it is on the New Jersey Turnpike, and I can handle that.  Mom and Dad will be in north central New Jersey for Dad's 50th high school reunion, and Aunt P.S. and Uncle D. don't live all that far from where Aunt P.S. and Dad and the other siblings went to high school.

I e-mailed Uly, too, to see if he'd be in town, but he was going to be in Israel for a look at contemporary Israeli arts and crafts.  Maybe I can get to see him around the Christmas holidays.  I don't know if he'll be in town then, but I know he lives in northern New Jersey.  He's usually in Baltimore for New Year's, and I could probably arrange to be in Baltimore around then.  I would like to finally meet him in person.  We've been corresponding for years now, and I edited one of his books.

I gave Biyuti the link to Jamie's Rynique drabble.  Biyuti said she'd like for Jamie to write an epic series set in that world.  I'd like to see a many-chaptered fic set in that 'verse, but I think we've gotten what we're going to get.  We got a fic with several short chapters, "Now I'm a Believer" -- likeasouffle on AO3.  I asked Biyuti if she'd seen any Rynique fics from Unique's point of view, but she hadn't.  I'll look for some Unique fics.  I'm sure they're out there.

Natural Law by Joey W. Hill is free from Ellora's Cave as one of their free-for-two-weeks promo books.  I've read it and thought it was good.  People who are into BDSM say it's good.

The Backlot had a "Fifty Greatest Gay TV Characters" poll, which I missed.  I looked at the article with the results.  I told myself that I wouldn't look at the comments, but the second time I looked at the list I did.  Of course the comments were horrible.  There are a lot of haters on The Backlot.  I am going to try to keep in mind not to read the comment sections there, though I know I will for the Glee episode recaps.  Heather Hogan, the recapper, hates on the show, and lots of the commenters agree with her.  I want to see what people there think, but I wish there were less comments from haters and/or trolls and more comments from people who enjoy the show.
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