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Sunday so far and rambling about TV

I might as well do the sleep journal part, which I actually did on Tumblr as well.  I tried to go to sleep at midnight, because I was extremely sleepy.  I lay down and was immediately wide awake.  I tried to get to sleep numerous times.  I had an early breakfast around 5:30 a.m.  I dozed off between 8:00 and 8:30 a.m., and had another breakfast.  During the times I couldn't sleep, I skimmed through books, checked my e-mail and looked at my Tumblr dashboard.

Later: Mom and I went shopping.  The grocery store is a huge construction mess.  P. says they're putting in a beer garden.  Since Mom and I don't drink beer, that amenity will be lost on us.  They don't have sushi anymore, and I miss that.  I would get that generally at least once a week.  I know other places that have sushi, but they're not as local and they're more expensive.  I'm sure there are a bunch of places on the Main Line.

Jamie did a meme asking about something people liked about him.  I had several things, including his fic writing.  He asked for drabble prompts, too.  I asked for either the intersexed Blaine one (which I got a drabble about before) or "Now I'm a Believer," which was a great, fluffy, Ryder and Unique relationship.  I wrote to Binaohan before "Now I'm a Believer" was even done, because I felt that she'd love it and I had faith in Jamie.  Biyuti loved it.  I love the intersexed Blaine and genderqueer Kurt of "Naked Around You," but would also be very happy with a bit more of that fluffy Ryder and Unique AU world.

Jamie did the Ryder and Unique prompt.  It's called "Question Time," and it's very cute.

I wrote up more thoughts on the Tina and race storyline during my bout of insomnia.  She "wasn't Asian enough" for Mike, which Blaine and Sam knew about.  She wanted her prom date to be "the least gay and least Asian" of Blaine, Sam and Ryder.  My reaction was that she'd definitely gone off Blaine.  It's been two episodes of "Tina can't win" so far, with much along those lines in the previous four seasons.

Biyuti writes about the lack of compassion that whites have for people of color.  I feel like I have as much empathy as I do for anything, without having had the direct experience of racism.  I told her that I'd picked up African-American Vernacular English by being surrounded by people who spoke it, and then studying texts like Lisa Green's African American English and books by John Rickford and John Baugh.  I know not to speak AAVE, but I think it's a useful thing to know.  It's hard not to fall into it if I'm surrounded by people speaking it, but I've been called on it.  I remember many years ago a young woman saying, "Listen to that accent you got going."  She recognized that I'd switched dialects from Standard American English (or General American, according to Wikipedia), Mid-Atlantic region version, to AAVE.

Binaohan's last episode reaction, "Tina in the Sky with Diamonds" had quite a bit about the hate characters who are women of color get on the show.  Disqus is eating my comments, but I said I saw characters like Mercedes and Unique as people.  Although Will and Rachel kept Mercedes down, I always saw her as a person.  I was friends with a couple of transsexual women, which I suppose also helps me have compassion for Unique.  I met J. of the GLBTQ organization at [local university] when J. was using J.'s given name.  I assumed at first that J. was an effeminate gay boy, but J. told me J. was genderqueer., and later went to using the initial J. and J. as J.'s pronoun.  There were a couple of trans men in the group at the time.  One, B., ran for "Mr. [local university]," and I think he may have won.  I wish I'd gotten to know him better, because he seemed like a really cool guy.

Bree is the new mean girl at McKinley, a leader of the Cheerios.  Like with Quinn, Santana and Kitty, I don't like her because she's mean.  I don't believe that her being Black is influencing my judgment in a conscious way.  She's light-skinned and thin, with rather Eurocentric features.  I knew she was a woman of color, but didn't know if she were biracial like Jake.  But it was quite deliberately established that she's Black.  Odds are that she'll be mean to Unique, too.

Dottie was at first going around saying, "Vote for Tina, or you're racist."  The show is not being subtle about it being a race storyline.  Dottie slushied Tina because Dottie wanted to be a Cheerio, one of the popular girls, and not be bullied.  Having Bree plan that out and Dottie do it obscures that Tina is getting hate because she's Asian.  Dottie had a point with what she said originally.

So Tina isn't Asian enough (culturally?) for Mike, although most of the other characters seem to think her name is "Asian."  Blaine is too Asian for her -- as well as being too gay.  Tina has reasons to be bitter, but the "bros" thought in "Love, Love, Love" that she had a bad attitude.  I thought the storyline in which Mike called her a "self-hating Asian" was long over.  Even when Tina accepts that she'll be stereotyped, hard as she fought against it, it still gets to her.  The other members of New Directions were supportive, but she'll get more harassment from the mean girls, I'm sure, and probably more of the bros trying to cheer her up, led by Blaine.  Blaine can't fix that she's getting prejudice by singing about it.  Jake could empathize.

It was interesting that Blaine said, "black John Lennon" and Jake said, "half-Black."  I don't know if Blaine was going by the one-drop rule and overdetermination.  I think yes for the overdetermination.  Jake is clear on who he is.  One of Jake's major storylines in the fourth season was about race.  Tina's getting that again -- still -- but perhaps explored more.  The newbies are finally bonding with the seniors.  It should be an interesting year.
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