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Went off to [local university], but found out when I got there that the planned trip to Longwood Gardens was canceled for that evening. I painted my nails "Emerald City" green, and went to the last GLBT meeting of the semester there. I wanted a chance to visit with S., at least. The group had gotten ten pizzas, but I had had brunch only two or three hours before that, and my stomach wasn't too good. I did get to tell the president of the group, D.S., that I had heard someone say that the last ones to leave the organization's office should turn off the percolator that was on in there before they left. I just forgot when S. and I were actually leaving. I told D. that I really wasn't trying to burn the building down. D. said that at least nobody was hurt -- he'd done an e-mail getting very descriptive about what could have happened from leaving a percolator on and plugged in all night. The folks in the group who had made it to the meeting suggested some activities for the next semester, then we played games. S. had said to me just after he came in that he was in a bad mood. After we left the meeting, he vented about how he'd probably have to change his major from nursing because he was flunking the science courses. That's exactly why I changed my major back from nursing to history when I went there. The university is really heavy on the science courses for the students trying to get a BSN.

M. suggested that one of the programs for next semester be about the concept of "straight-acting." D.S., who is pretty far from straight-acting, tried to make the suggestion "gender performance." M. said "straight-acting" again, so D. added that in parentheses. I'll probably write M. about my opinions of that. Essentially, I think it's just natural for some people to act in a way that's different from what is expected of a person of their purported gender. Some of it is performance, but I believe a lot of it is just people being themselves. Even though I feel pretty androgynous mentally, my mannerisms are femme mannerisms. (Editing this...) Or like those of a man who's really not straight-acting. I don't seem to startle people who are expecting whatever sort of performance from a female-bodied person. I think the way I gesture with my hands is noticeable enough.

Soap opera ( was good today. The commenters on the Eskimo Kiss Project version ( complained about a couple of fadeouts which were ill-timed in their opinions. There was the scene where Deniz was lying on his stomach, Roman straddled Deniz, and Deniz obligingly lifted his hips so Roman could undo his belt buckle. The scene faded out shortly after showing Roman kissing Deniz' back. I figured the viewer could just use his or her imagination after that. In my imagination, Deniz ended up with bite marks on his shoulders. Then Roman dressed up as a sexy Santa, with a costume showing his whole chest. One of the commenters wrote "SANTA-BUNNY!" as Roman's nickname is Bunny.
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