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Saturday so far and rambling about TV

I'm going to call the southeastern Pennsylvania Glee fan J.-PA for now.  I told her at 1:00 a.m. that I needed to get some sleep.  I was very tired.  I don't think it took me too long to get to sleep after that.  I woke at 9:30 a.m.  I wrote some e-mails.

I paid my phone bill ahead of time at the AT&T store and Mom and I went to a grocery store, so I got out of the house.  It was pretty hot out today.

I got an editing job to work on.

I listened to the F Yeah Glee Podcast spoilers and spec podcast about the first two episodes of the season.  I had seen too many spoilers to want to listen to it beforehand.  I'm glad I waited, because it would have wound me up.  Some of the spec was good and some was off.  They knew spoilers that were pictures and the song order for the first episode.

I still think more of the season is going to have a "Tina can't win" theme as her storyline.  She kind of paralleled Kurt at the prom.  She had support from the other members of New Directions.  Tina had definitely gone off Blaine with her "least gay and least Asian" choice of prom date, but he supported her.  Blaine was the leader in offering Tina choices of what to do after she got slushied.

I still want a Blaine passing, inadvertently or not, storyline, especially if there are going to be Kurt and Tina parallels.  He really wasn't passing as far as Tina was concerned.  She said that line in front of Jake.  I don't know if they're going to pick up with it again, but I would love for some Jake commentary on that if they do.  Blaine said, "black John Lennon" about Jake and Jake said, "half-Black."  Blaine couldn't have been unaware of why Jake was getting harassed.

Blaine wants to portray himself certain ways.  In "Don't Stop Me Now," he wanted to get across that he was a top, with the cap he wore.  He was upset that Sue had the banner saying he was a bottom.  "And it's not true! Not really!" was hilarious.  He's out and proud, but he still wants to avoid some kinds of prejudice.  That's canon.

The podcast folks wondered if Blaine would get into NYADA.  I think he will.  Blaine seems to often get what he wants easily, and then sometimes wonder if he wants it.  Also it sets up competition conflict between him and Kurt again.

Later: I worked on an editing job.  I'd feel pretty good about turning it in, but I'll read through it another time or two before I do.
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