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TV watching -- "Tina in the Sky with Diamonds"

The episode concentrated a lot on the girls.  Perhaps it's internalized sexism, but I like when there's a good amount of the boys (the ones who aren't bullies).  Tina had a bucket of slushie dumped on her at the prom.  There's a romance starting with Sam and a college student filling in as a nurse.  It seems like she's as bad as Terri.

Santana is starting a romance, too.  They established that Dani is 100% lesbian.  I didn't mind at all when Blaine said he was 100% gay, but that wasn't so personal.  They ran down "bi girls and girls experimenting in college."

This year's New Directions has developed into being very supportive of each other.  It's carry-over from the fourth season, and very different in tone from the first three seasons.  Blaine being the leader to some extent is very different from Rachel being the "leader."  Blaine loves attention, but it's not like the way Rachel demanded that people recognize her as special.

The promo for next week's episode made me very sad.
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