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Wednesday so far

I tried to go to sleep around 12:30 a.m. and lay there for a while.  I don't know when I finally fell asleep.  I woke up a little after 11:00 a.m., and was still rather groggy for a while.

After I felt more alert, I did laundry and went to the grocery store.

The Glee season four DVDs came today.  I watched some of the deleted scenes, and other extras, and listened to several songs that were on the "jukebox."  I don't think I had any season four songs that featured the newbies.  I got some of the Blaine songs, the songs I had liked to start with if I was already familiar with them, and some songs that were new to me that I first heard as those covers.  I got Kurt songs.  I got several of the songs from "The Break-Up."

I was disappointed that Nightbird and the Blond Chameleon questioning Becky wasn't one of the deleted scenes.  It's frustrating when there are stills released for a scene and promo clips for it, and then the scene isn't in the show.  One of the scenes that was on the DVDs was a long Marley and Kitty scene.  One was a Finn and Will scene, apparently set just after Sectionals.  One was Sue singing to Will.  I only watched the beginning of that scene.  I'll go back and watch it again sometime.  From my viewpoint now, I appreciated getting a Finn and Will scene.

I'll probably start a season four marathon on Friday.  I did the rewatch over the summer, so I've seen all the episodes within the last few months.

I listened to F Yeah Glee Podcast's season five episode recap of "Love, Love, Love."  They tried to be fair and devote time to other storylines than the Klaine one, but did about fifteen minutes talking about Klaine.  I would have listened to an hour of that, but that's me.  They did mention Tina's "the least gay and least Asian" line, and said that she was talking about Blaine.  Someone sent that in as a question.  I'm glad that the Glee Podcast folks made themselves clear on that.  They liked the courtyard scene, and the Kurt and Burt scene, and the proposal.  I was glad that Kurt finally made his feelings clear.  Gleekto was waiting the whole fourth season for that, so she must have been happy.  I was watching the episode to see what would happen with Kurt and Blaine, as I do with them as individual characters and together.

Later: I talked with A. for a couple of hours.  He told me about going out clubbing.  I told him about my adventures with S.M. and P.M. going out to Longwood Gardens.  I told him that I'd learned to download drivers and software.  He does that several times a week probably, as he fixes computers and phones and various other electronics.  It's something he does regularly, anyway.

I had sent him the DVDs of the first season and a half of Glee, and he said he'd been sick and coughing too much to sleep in the past week, and had watched the first three episodes.  He liked when Kurt came out to Mercedes in "Acafellas."  I told him one of my favorite scenes so far on the show was when Kurt came out to Burt in the fourth episode, "Preggers."  We talked about how there hadn't been shows with gay characters on them when he was growing up.  I told him I'd send him links to some of the online meta and recaps I read. 
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