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TV watching -- "Love, Love, Love"

(*spoilers if you haven't seen it yet*)

I'm sure there are a lot of happy Klaine fans out there.  I am one of them.  I had seen spoiler pictures, but thought some might be a dream sequence.  It turned out to be everything I could have wanted.  Now I just wonder how Kurt and Blaine are going to keep up a long-distance relationship for a while yet.

The new kids and the old kids in New Directions are getting closer, with Artie dating Kitty.  I would rather Artie have dated Betty, but apparently that was over.  Still, there was some of Artie singing, and his voice is good for singing anything.

Callie may have influenced me somewhat when it comes to Rachel, but it's more like she put it into words for me.  I'll see what she says, and probably agree with it.  I did like seeing Ioan Gruffudd.  I remember him from the Horatio Hornblower TV movies.

Overall, though, much love for what happened with the characters I care about.
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