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M/M story authors who write realistically male characters

Just my opinions -- and I've only read one book by one of the authors.  If anybody should comment on the post, I'll most likely edit it so much that it will be another post about gardening.  Just saying.

Josh Lanyon -- despite what he says about creating "boy-next-door" characters -- er, not exactly, unless you have neighbors who are extremely articulate and, for the most part, very good-looking.  Not that those are bad things.  But you can certainly believe that the characters would act the way that they do.  And that they could be real people -- a lot of readers (yes, me too) seem to wish that the protagonists were real people.  Nathan (from "Snowball in Hell") just broke my heart -- I identified with him so much.

James Buchanan -- have only read Cheating Chance, but am really looking forward to Inland Empire coming out as an e-book.  Oh, and I read some of the free stories -- the one with the blue duck was so funny.  I digress.  Again, characters you can believe would act that way.  And I believe that Goths would act that way -- the author has that rarest of things, Goth authenticity.  Again, just my opinion.

Sean Michael -- Okay, you try reading three or four Jarheads novels in the course of a couple of weeks.  Is it me, or did these characters do their best to be inarticulate?  Render each other inarticulate?  If you believe the line about guys not needing an excuse to have sex -- damn.  Just.  Damn.

Laura Baumbach -- larger than life characters, but you wish they were real.  Talk about getting swept up in the story.

J.L. Langley -- suspension of disbelief for werewolves, but I read a lot of paranormal stories.  Some male characters who look girly, but fortunately don't act that girly.  "Yep, she was so going in the trunk for that."  Cracks me up every time.  (from "With Love")  Also, somewhat more seriously, the line something like, "Aside from being shot, coming out was no problem."  I need to look that one up...Edited to add: That wasn't the actual line -- the lines really were: "How bad was it when everyone found out you were gay?"  "Other than being shot?  Not too terribly bad..." -- The Broken H.

Lee Rowan -- I've only read the historical novels so far.  But the characters are so believable, and so well-developed.

Syd McGinley -- Dr. Fell is just an awesome, memorable character -- a Dom English professor.  It works.  It works so well.  You get the stories from his skewed perspective, but the other characters also vividly come to life -- especially twink.  Stories with a different set of characters (Ryan and Hugh) are told from the submissive character's viewpoint.  These are also realistic -- well, considering I pretty much only know about Dom/sub lifestyles from things I've read, all the characters' choices of actions ring true to my knowledge.

I can''t possibly be objective here, but -- Jordan Castillo Price.  No, way before I read any Obsidian Bookshelf reviews or saw her blog, I believed that she was a male author.  Perhaps some stereotyping on my part about a story with guys who hook up in the bathroom by page ten.  Vic always seemed so real to me.  Yes, I do identify with the characters who desperately need therapy.  And who doesn't love the line: "...and there I was, bucking like an electrocuted frog corpse." (from "Body & Soul")  Foreshadowing at its best.

Definitely editing this post a lot, and soon, but it was fun to write. 

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