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Sunday so far

I went to bed at 2:00 a.m. and woke at 10:00 a.m.  That's about the sleep schedule I want.  If I could do that regularly, that would be good.

I had e-mailed the pages about garden club meetings to E.M., who's thinking of becoming a member.  She e-mailed me back today to say she'd gotten them.  I talked to S.M., and printed out three copies of the new-this-year pages of the garden club handbook.

I worked on labeling CDs I'd burned.  I'd gotten CD labels the last time I went to Wal-Mart.  There's a template you can do on the computer, but I hand-wrote the names of the songs on the labels.

I have two editing jobs due on Thursday.  One is a short story and one is a novelette.  I've been over them once pretty thoroughly, but I want to read them over again.  There's a series associated with the novelette, now in a collection, and I want to read the collection.  I have it, and have read some of the first story.  I want to get through the collection by Monday night.  I want to finish up the short story tonight or tomorrow.

ARe didn't have a Christmas or Earth Day run-up offer of free books this year, but they have a September one.  I'm not clear why.  They're the first book in a series.  I missed the first day, but I got the second day's, which is an m/m, and the third day's, today.  I told the folks on the Goodreads "Gay Books -- What We're Reading" forum about the free one yesterday.  There's a thread there for free and on sale books.

I went out to the front yard.  The nasturtiums are still blooming.  The mistflower that's in among 'Mme. Zoetmans' is in full bloom.  The goldenrod in there is in bud.  They make a nice blue and yellow combination.  The mystery pink rose has a flower and a couple of buds.

Later: I watched "The Sue Sylvester Shuffle," "Silly Love Songs," "Comeback," and "Blame It On the Alcohol."  I don't think I'll keep up that pace of watching that many episodes a day, but I should be done season two within a few days.  I've watched "Blame It On the Alcohol" several times.  I like the songs and many of the scenes in that episode, and there were some great lines.  I didn't especially like how the bisexuality storyline went, but I wasn't as furious about it as some were.  I haven't really heard of guys going from gay to questioning whether they're bisexual.  I went from thinking I was straight because I had crushes on guys to realizing that I didn't really have a sexual orientation one way or another.  I've met bisexual guys, but I think I would have believed they existed anyway.

I remembered Kurt and Rachel talking in the basement, but I hadn't remembered exactly what Kurt said about Blaine being the first in a long line of conflicted men that Rachel would date who would turn out to be "the most flaming of homosexuals."  I knew there had been a couple references to Kurt and flames along the line, but I hadn't remembered that Kurt himself used the word "flaming."  I think of the word more to describe someone who's obviously gay or really playing up mannerisms, "dropping hairpins" in an older expression.  But if anyone has the right to talk about someone being flaming, it's Kurt.  Kurt talked about not being able to pass as straight in "I Am Unicorn," but he was assumed (correctly) to be gay from the beginning.

I plan to pick up with the marathon tomorrow.

I got the fourth free ARe book at 1:30 in the morning.
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