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Friday so far

I read Pacific Nights.  I went to bed around 3:00 a.m. and must have fallen asleep right away.  I woke at 11:00 a.m.

It was a nice day.  I called A.L.  We went to Longwood Gardens for the afternoon.  I took pictures of the roses in the formal rose garden, flowers along the Flower Garden Walk, the Chinese anenomes and other flowers in the Hillside Garden, and the waterlilies.

I looked at Dear Author.  They had a couple of free books in their Daily Deals.  One was the Barnes & Noble free Friday book.  A Dear Author reviewer had given the book a C-.  The other one was a Harlequin that had been recommended.  It wasn't free at Harlequin itself, or at ARe, but it was free as a Kindle book and a Nook book.  I got that.

Later: I finished up an editing job.

P. called and told me about her trip to Las Vegas.  We made plans to go visit her mother in Delaware tomorrow.

Rainjoy's "All the Other Ghosts":

Rainjoy had a new chapter of "Grey" up.  (*various spoilers for the chapter and the 'verse*)  It ended on a mild cliffhanger.  There was some of why Incendiary is so angry.  There was another phandom-described "wankfest" within the phandom.  I'm not generally as into the phandom parts as the parts that are actually the Ghost and Phalanx, but they're still interesting to an extent to me.  This one had a Ghostlanx fan mention as one of the three biggest wankfests in Ghostlanx phandom "the 'could Phalanx be a PoC?' debate" (PoC is "person of color").  I would have been interested in reading the "All the Other Ghosts" 'verse version of that, but I've read dozens, maybe hundreds, of posts about whether Blaine is a person of color. Rainjoy lets the reader use their imagination on that one, and I can imagine.

The fics have fans within the fic of characters who are real people in the fic and TV characters in real life.  There are real life people who write fic set within the 'verse using the names of the phans who write fic.  It's an open-universe 'verse.  Also, someone who's a fan of the fic sent out an ask on Tumblr about whether fans wanted to meet her in New York City, and I said possibly.  I can get to New Jersey easily enough.  So there are fans of the fic who want to meet other fans.

In "All the Other Ghosts," there was a lot of speculation from phandom about whether the Ghost was gay.  In canon on Glee, everyone knew that Kurt was gay before Sue made him answer to "Gay Kid" in "Throwdown."  It's now pretty well established in the "All the Other Ghosts" Internet phandom that the Ghost is gay and that he and Phalanx are boyfriends.  But even in a heavy and concealing superhero costume, the Ghost comes across as effeminate.  Some things are the same in many fic universes.  The historical AUs, not so much, but in most of the other fics that I've read in which Kurt is a cis gay boy, all of the other characters recognize that he's gay without any need for him to verbally come out.  In canon, in "I Am Unicorn," Kurt talked about not being able to pass for straight.  Some of Rainjoy's 'verses have Kurt not able to pass as straight.  When the Ghost isn't in costume, he's immediately recognized as gay.

In the phandom, there are people who write "real person fiction" about the Ghost and Phalanx.  It doesn't bother me as a real person reader because they're fictional characters.  There's been a lot in "Grey" (and previously some in AtOG) about objectifying them, and that was the latest wankfest in phandom, with some phans saying that if they didn't want to be objectified they wouldn't wear such tight costumes and others furious at that.  The Ghost and Phalanx don't want to be objectified, although AtOG Blaine read Ghost fan fic before he became Phalanx.  Ghostlanx fan fic now makes him feel weird.  There are a lot of layers to the 'verse.

On Glee, Kurt and Blaine both wear tight clothes.  The actors have talked about it now and then.  Kurt in the "Not the Boy Next Door" performance wore gold pants so tight that you could see the outline of what was presumably Chris Colfer's dance belt, and the actor seemed embarrassed about it.  Darren Criss talked about Blaine wearing tight pants, something like "pants that are so tight they're unhealthy for any man to wear."  He doesn't seem to mind going shirtless, though, to the delight of many female and some male fans.  So there's real life discussion of objectification.  The actors are getting paid, and part of their jobs involve wearing tight clothes.

Glee has some weird fourth-wall bending.  Blaine is established as having worn pink-rimmed sunglasses.  Brittany explained magic meta to Marley and voiceovers to Blaine.  The show sometimes blurs what's a dream sequence and what really happened to the characters.  Kurt appropriates movie scripts for his own use, and several of the characters like reality television.  Sometimes actors that they've mentioned on the show have appeared as characters, and occasionally real-life celebrities have appeared as themselves.  Sometimes it seems like it's tough for fic writers to top how strange the show itself gets.    
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