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out today

Out to lunch with S.(M.), who wanted to treat me after all the computer lessons I'd given her. The place we went had breakfast all day, so I had eggs Benedict and hash browns. Eggs very good. Then we went to Marshall's, and she insisted on getting me something. She was looking in the blazers at first, but I redirected her to blouses. I ended up getting a V-necked teal blouse -- not a bright teal, but more of a slightly saddened (fabric dyeing term) teal. It looks good with my fair complexion and current hair color. I also got a blue hoodie -- that's a fairly bright blue -- and a leather-appearing gray jacket. The jacket fit fine when I didn't have a sweatshirt, but when I tried it on later with the sweatshirt, I couldn't get it zipped. I may try to find it in the next largest size and exchange it. I don't think it's just me -- I think sizes run small there. If I stopped eating so many sweets, I'd probably be able to find a lot more things that fit me, but I get the nastiest cravings for sweets. I know I had quite the sweet tooth before, so it's not really new.

Convinced S. to go to [local university], which she'd also graduated from, perhaps fifty years ago. Lots of people in the GLBT office. I introduced her to H., V., J.S., J.-whose-last-name-I-don't-know, K., and we both met someone I hadn't seen before. She only said "hi" very quickly, because she was afraid of getting a ticket. I caught up with H., and got bits and pieces of projects the other students were working on. They were going to include something in their mission statement about "pansexuals." They were talking about putting it into the group's name, which actually has far more initials than "GLBT." I said it was already an alphabet soup. J. said that he was pansexual. I came this close to saying, "Oh, you like girls, too?" I thought he was just a markedly effeminate gay man, but apparently he's kind of transgendered, too. He's certainly very in touch with his feminine side. From the way he acts, it's not hard to imagine that he feels like a girl inside. I'll have to ask him about it sometime. I don't think it's something he'd mind discussing with someone reasonably sympathetic. Okay, I can understand much better why a female-bodied person would want to transition to male than vice versa, but I think that's just me.

Later, D.M. wandered in, and S.(W.) came in. I showed S. the clips from Alles Was Zahlt ( of "Axel's Neverending Story," as Eskimo Kiss Project ( calls it, where Roman saves Axel's life, and Axel starts hallucinating. S. is a nursing student, so I asked him if someone would really do CPR the way Roman was doing it. Chest compressions, not bad, he said. Breathing -- well, EKP does call it "CPR with tongue." But when Axel the revived electrocution victim started to stand up, S. said that CPR chest compressions, if done right, break the person's ribs. The theory being that broken ribs are preferable to death. I knew that, actually.
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