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Sunday so far

I went to bed at 1:00 a.m., and lay there for a while.  I eventually fell asleep and slept until noon.  Even allowing for an hour or so to go to sleep, that's still well over eight hours.  I'd only gotten a couple of hours yesterday, so I guess I needed it.  I felt a little groggy when I woke, but not bad.

I finished up an editing job.  I think it's due this Thursday.  I should soon get one to do that was due last Thursday, so I'll need to do that one fast.

Quietlygleeful is getting positive comments on her fic.  We did work some historical details in there, though I really should have read more about high society in 1890.  I had all those books on the Victorian Age out from the library this summer, and read very little of them.  Most were on industry and government, and didn't apply to New York society.  I should have asked Uly for recommendations much sooner.  What Quietlygleeful wrote about the ritual of calling on people like Blaine did seemed to go along well enough with the calling cards at the end of Society As I Have Known It, and that was published in 1890.

It's rather hot out.  'Mme. Isaac Pereire' has a bud that looks ready to open in the next couple of days.  The mystery pink rose has three or four blossoms open and a few half-open flowers.

I texted A. to see if he wanted to chat tonight.  I called S.M.  I had talked to her about coming over to take pictures of her impatiens and Japanese anenomes.  They're blooming and look very nice.  Maybe tomorrow, if it's not raining.  At least I did something productive in finishing up that editing job.

Later: P. called.  I told her J. had never called me back about doing the family share on iTunes.  We'll figure it out at some point.  I'm sure J. will get back to me eventually.  P. is off to Las Vegas tomorrow with Z.  I told her I hoped she had a good trip.

Later still: A. and I texted back and forth more.  He'd gone over to his friend A.'s house.  We said we'd catch up later in the week.
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