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Friday so far

I tried to go to sleep at 3:00 a.m.  I did not go to sleep at 3:00 a.m., but lay there for a while.  I'm not sure when I eventually went to sleep.  I woke at 1:00 p.m.

S.D. came to clean.  I said hi, and borrowed the vacuum, since she had it upstairs, to vacuum my room.  I can't carry the vacuum up and down the stairs.  She was cleaning other things at the time.

The new PsyCop book is out.  I'll get it when I'm not so broke.  I may wait until it's available at Rainbow eBooks, if it's on sale there.

I borrowed The Haunted Heart: Winter from U.  As I posted, I read the rough draft.  I skimmed over the first several chapters of the published version.  They didn't seem so different.  There were changes and additions in the last few chapters.  (*spoilers, especially for dialogue*)  One modern-day character described a character from the 1930s as "black as sin," and maybe a "throwback."  It wasn't so much that an octogenarian would use those words, but the younger characters didn't seem to think there was anything wrong with that wording, or so it came across to me.  I was hoping that would have changed since the rough draft, but it was the same.

There was a crossover visit from Stephen and Mark of the "I Spy" series.  The "I Spy" books are contemporaries, and The Haunted Heart is paranormal.  I was kind of okay with it, but as I recently posted, I'm not much for genre-mixing along those lines.

Though it's a series, the ending isn't as abrupt as some of Josh's books.  I thought Blood Red Butterfly had an extremely abrupt ending.  The last couple of words of Come Unto These Yellow Sands were not how I expected a romance to end.  The Haunted Heart: Winter was a decent story.  I hope the narrator's mood improves.

The free Friday Barnes & Noble book was The Midwife's Here! It sounded interesting.  I read a little.  Amazon must have price-matched, because it was free there, too.

I went out to the flowers.  The mystery pink rose had several blossoms.

Later: I read Break and Enter by Rachel Haimowitz and Aleksandr Voinov.  I'd had it since 2011, so my file information said.  When I started getting e-books in 2007 or so, I was reading the ones I got pretty promptly.  Even now I'll occasionally read one I get the day I get it.  But sometimes I read them years later.  I thought it was good.
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