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Wednesday so far

I got sleepy around midnight, and was in bed by 1:00 a.m. or so.  I woke around 7:00 a.m., so I probably got about six hours of sleep.  It was good sleep, though.

Mom had brought Bulldaggers, Pansies, and Chocolate Babies: Performance, Race, and Sexuality in the Harlem Renaissance by James F. Wilson home with her yesterday.  I had gotten it at Giovanni's Room.  Mom had planned to order it for the library at the HBCU (Historically Black College or University) where she works.  I donated it to the library.  I read bits of it over yesterday evening, and skimmed over some today.  I'll try to read a couple of chapters today.  There aren't many chapters, but they're pretty dense.  It has information about rent parties and other Harlem parties, drag balls, and theatrical performances in the 1920s and up until the mid-1930s.

I watched "Sweet Dreams" and "Lights Out" to be ready to listen to the season four rewatch podcast.  I think I'll be adding the tag "sing like an angel and dance like a stripper" (Cinema Blend review) to my Tumblr tags.  I love that aerobics scene.  It's not dancing, exactly, but the characters are moving similar to how the people in the original video for that song did.  Sue said she'd mistaken Blaine for a butch Israeli girl, and I could see it.  I'm curious as to what Becky said to Principal Figgins.  As soon as it was established that they were going to talk, the lights went on.

Later: I made it to an appointment.  I went to Boston Market and got dinner.  Mom wanted turkey.

I watched President Obama's speech.

Later still: I worked on an editing job.  It's one due next week, but I figured I'd better work ahead.

Rainjoy had updated "Grey."  I read the new chapter.

I checked F Yeah Glee Podcast, and they'd put the podcast up three days ago.  I thought it was on Wednesdays, but I must have missed an announcement.  I could rewind for dialogue I missed the first time someone spoke.  The guests were Ryan (firesnaps) and Axe's husbands.  Ryan and Axe apologized beforehand for anything "borderline offensive" that their husbands said.  The husbands said that they themselves weren't apologizing.  They were casually homophobic, among other things.  Ryan and Axe tried to stay on track.  I hadn't realized how much Ryan and Axe themselves tried to be sensitive during the podcasts.  I knew they tried, but I didn't realize the extent.  Ryan seemed to be better informed on some issues.  I'd noticed that Axe is good when it comes to talking about gay men (as is Ryan).

It was the first podcast where they'd had cis men as podcast participants.  The first podcast, "Be a Man," could have used some male viewpoint.  Three(?) podcasts had genderqueer participants, but there were other podcasts that could have used a genderqueer perspective.  If there's a podcast just about Unique, I'd love to hear a transwoman's viewpoint.  They want proper representation if they do a "Queer on Glee" podcast.  Even drawing from the participants they've had, it would be easy to get four or five people who could represent.  The podcasts have also included cis lesbians several times.
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