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Friday so far

I tried to go to sleep around 2:30 a.m.  I lay there for a while, then got up and had a big snack.  I went to sleep after that.  I woke at 1:00 p.m., so I guess I got eight or nine hours of sleep.

I remembered to look for the free Friday Nook book.  It was a YA, and sounded like an interesting adventure story, so I got it.  It was also free on Amazon, I guess because of price matching.  I got the two-week promo free books from Ellora's Cave, too.  I have quite a number of books I got that way, some of them fairly well-known books and/or authors.  It's mostly through Dear Author's Daily Deals that I've gotten a lot of free Kindle and Nook romances.

I'd read the first four parts of "Responsible Science."  I read the fifth.  There was a lot of science and math, and some irritating original characters.  I think they were meant to be irritating, though.  (Edited to add: Apparently there really is a Darcy Lewis in the Marvel Universe.  I wonder if she's really that annoying.)  I'm not a big fan of stories in which days are repeated, but aside from the above I liked it all right.  Janet Van Dyne and Hank Pym were racebent.  Apparently that's the word for changing the races of the characters.  Janet was Indonesian-American and Hank was Mexican-American, although that was what the author said rather than specifying in the text.  Hank's first name was Enrique, so that indicated Spanish.

When I first saw the Marvel movies of recent years, I was surprised by the change from some characters established in the comic books as white to being characters of color, but I said that I'd been thinking inside the box.  I noted about the Captain America movie that units were still segregated in World War II.

I finished up an editing job.
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