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Went to the Goodwill somewhat north of us (but closer than Delaware), to see about donating Nana A.'s clothes. It's been several years since she passed away. We had them sorted out into keep and donate less than a year after she passed away, then Uncle R. and J. took the clothes home with them and had them sorted out into their own piles. We didn't leave a note to say we'd sorted them out, just had them in different spots in the closet. Uncle R. and J. brought the clothes back. It was a weird thing, since Mom had inherited all of Nana's belongings, yet Nana had changed her will so Uncle R. inherited half the house. Uncle R. and J. kept doing various things with Nana's possessions -- taking some, packing boxes and putting them in the garage, not bringing back some of sentimental value for Mom that they'd taken home with them before Nana's death. Well, they did live closer, but Mom was the one who had inherited the stuff.

Mom looked around at the Goodwill -- no size markings on the racks, so I gave up quickly. I went off to the Indian grocery while she shopped. Got gulab jamun, rasgullah, naan, and oatmeal soap. Then off to K-Mart to look at clothes. I got black, blue, and gray jeans, and a navy hoodie. Mom got pink and gray hoodie/sweatpants combinations. Mom went to the Acme while I stayed in the car, ate the naan, and sent a long text message to J.-my-brother. He said he'd finished the paper he needed to write, and that he'd finished Camp Hell. I'd seen his e-mail earlier in the day about Camp Hell. He skipped some of the hardcore scenes, he said -- presumably he meant sex scenes. Interestingly, he said that aside from the empathy ability, Stefan's hypnotic techniques were very similar to how the therapists treat trauma patients at the mental hospital where he works. I'd thought they'd sounded like ways I'd heard of to treat someone with PTSD, but having someone who knew about the techniques used say they were described well impressed me.

Midnight snack with the rasgullah -- I looked at one of the Indian cookbooks I have, and it said to make rasmalai milk, you reduced half-and-half with a couple of teaspoons of butter, then added sugar, cardamom, sliced pistachios, and rosewater. I didn't have pistachio slivers, so I mixed heavy cream with sugar and put in cardamom. I couldn't find the rosewater I got a couple of months ago. This is one of those things where I know I have three bottles of varying age around the house someone, and couldn't find the new one, the one the people at the store said was okay to use for food. I know where the older bottles are, but I think they're just for fragrance use, and not for consumption uses. I only have a little Kahlua left in the big bottle of that, but I know there are one or two other bottles around somewhere, and if I get a new bottle, I'll find the old ones. Well, at least that keeps. The Kahlua is much better with cream. The makeshift rasmalai milk was better than just plain milk, too. I think the rasgullah already had rosewater in them. One of these years, I will actually make my own rosewater. It just seems like it's hours and hours of boiling for something that only keeps a few days without preservatives.
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