neyronrose (neyronrose) wrote,

Sunday so far

I must have gone to sleep around 3-something a.m., after a belated midnight snack.  I woke at 11:30 a.m.

It was a pretty quiet day for a while.  I went to a grocery store.

The mystery pink rose is blooming, and the last of the tiger lilies.  The nasturtiums still look good.

I read "Floorshow" by Neaf, which was a "what if college-age Kurt and Blaine had met at Rocky Horror?" AU.  It made more sense than my description sounds.  I've watched the "Rocky Horror Glee Show" several times.  That was the episode before Blaine was introduced.  If I remember from vaguely hearing secondhand, Neaf quit writing.  I read "No Envy, No Fear" some time ago.  I also read a Fight Club Klaine AU.  I've never seen Fight Club or read the book, but I've heard about the plot.  That was probably written before Blaine said in canon that he'd started a Dalton branch of Fight Club.  I'd have to check the dates.  Going by what's on Archive of Our Own, Neaf wrote more RPF than fics with the characters.  I'm avoiding the RPF.

The Teen Choice Awards are on, and I'm taping it, but I was having a hard time dealing with screaming teenagers at an awards show.  I'll watch once it's all over.  I have a better time watching things that have already happened than watching things in progress if it's something like that.

Later: I talked to A. for a little over an hour.
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