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I've been brainstorming again (still?) the last couple of days about the Harlem Renaissance fic I've had in mind for a while.  I indulged myself and wrote summary bits of Kurt's interactions with other characters.  I've read enough fiction written in the early twentieth century to know what attitudes were, like those books by Albert Payson Terhune that I didn't question as a child, but was shocked by when reading them recently.  1920s fiction was where I learned a lot of racial terms that are now outdated and/or slurs.  It's easy enough to make characters homophobes, though that makes them unsympathetic.  Even most liberal white American characters of the 1920s would be horrifically racist by modern standards, and that makes them really unsympathetic.  Most Christian characters would be anti-Semites.  There was anti-German sentiment, too, before, during and after World War I.  It makes for quite a tangle of ugly prejudices.  It's going to be tricky to make the characters so prejudiced but still somehow sympathetic enough for readers to take.  I think it's realistic, though.
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