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Friday so far

I think I went to sleep around 3:00 a.m. or not much later, after a belated midnight snack.  I woke a little before 10:00 a.m.

Dear Authors' Daily Deals had a free Harlequin novella as a deal yesterday.  I got it on Kindle and Nook.  Today I got it direct from Harlequin, and put it on my Sony Reader.  That way I have all the choices.  I haven't tried putting any books I got directly from Harlequin on the Nook.  I don't think the DRM would play nicely together.  It's difficult enough to download from Harlequin to the Sony Library.  A number of books on my Nook are ones without DRM that I've side-loaded to the Nook.

I have bills to pay, and the Box Scene Project has giveaways again.  They have script PDFs, signed items, and fic in printed form.  I'm trying to decide whether to get fic I've already read and know I liked, or new-to-me fic.  They have "All the Other Ghosts" and "Fix," both of which I've read.

Slightly later: I got the free Friday Nook book.  It was a historical romance this week.

Later: I looked at Rainjoy's journal, and "Grey" was updated yesterday.  Rainjoy said it was a cliffhanger, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it might be.  (*spoilery*)  It seems like there will be repercussions, but everybody was physically safe at the end of the chapter.  I'm still more interested in what's going on with Phalanx and the Ghost than with the phanghosts.  Phalanx and the Ghost need to communicate more, but I'm sure they will eventually.

Dear Author had another free book listed among the Daily Deals.  I got that, too.

I finished up an editing job I got yesterday night.

I went out to look at the tiger lilies.  They're doing well.  The bigger clump in the front yard has some stalks that are taller than I am.  I'll take pictures tomorrow.

I looked at Josh's LJ, which he still occasionally posts on.  I saw that he had a rough draft of a story, "The Haunted Heart" (, for people to read.  It has an appearance by Stephan and Mark of the I Spy books.  It was interesting.  I can't talk about what happens without spoilers.  (*spoilers*)  The whole "throwback" thing seemed like early twentieth century thinking to me.  In a final draft it needs to be made clearer that that is early twentieth century thinking and not how most young modern American characters would look at it.
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