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GleekTO did a post that I'm interested in, but would rather post about here.

"There was quite a feisty pseudo discussion (because no one can really have a proper discussion on twitter) on twitter between Curt Mega and fanfic/RPF writers on the woes or not of smutty fanfiction…He deleted most of the tweets from what I can see but the gist of it was -

Curt: intimacy/sex in fanfiction is fine if it has a higher purpose but not if it’s just smut for smut’s sake, doesn’t like RPF at all..objectification is not okay.

Fandom: ROAR.

So it actually made me wonder about a few things (to which I don’t exactly have a perfect answer):

1. What do we mean by objectification? This word is thrown around like it’s dollar store confetti and everyone means something different.

2. Is RPF (understood as a fiction by writers and readers) okay even if the celebrity being written about doesn’t like it?

3. What is the difference between smut and fluff with sex (I think there is one, BTW, but it’s a grey area)

Also - the thing I am certain of: Smut for smut’s sake is A-OKAY. Especially in fanfiction. I’d even argue, it’s a good thing.

4. Also - What is smut for smut’s sake anyways? Smut for the sake of sexual fantasy? See point above - a good thing.

This has been a post.

I didn't see the original "pseudo-discussion."  I have opinions on what GleekTO said.  I like some fics that I'm sure many people would consider objectify the characters.  I don't like RPF at all, as I have said here.  I try to actively avoid it.  I like intimate scenes that show character development, but I've read plenty of scenes that are just smutty, in original fiction (including for work) and in fan fiction.  Personally, I don't think that fan fiction should be sent to actors or authors, but some people do it.  I like fluffy fics, gen or romantic.  I think there's a difference between romantic fluff and smut.  My opinion is that part of it is tone.  I didn't actually answer GleekTO's questions, except for a "no" on RPF being okay.  Aside from that, I mostly talked about my experiences.  I'm good with that.
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