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Saturday so far

Mom and Dad decided to go to a mountain lake to swim.  I said that it sounded cold.  I had tried to get to sleep around 2:30 a.m.  I eventually must have drifted off.  I woke at 11:30 a.m., and Mom and Dad were just leaving.

I texted with A. for a bit, then went to the local Barnes & Noble.  I read Island of Vice for an hour.  I don't know what my problem is, that I had it for weeks as a library book and only read part of it, but I could read it there.  Maybe there was less to distract me than there is in my room.  I attended the Nook class.  A young man named B. was the teacher.  I hadn't had him as a teacher before.  There were three other people in the class.  A young woman came up partway through to say that she couldn't read the books that she was trying to read for an hour.  My wireless connection was cutting in and out around the same time.  It had taken over five minutes for Island of Vice to load, but once I pressed the "Read" button I didn't have a problem reading it.  She later came back to say that when she tried a different book that that had worked.

As usual, the other people in the class had HDs.  There's a lot more you can do with them than with the Simple Touch.  You can go on the web, read e-mail and get apps.  I'm interested in how they work.  If I got a tablet, it would be a full tablet and not something that's a half-tablet, half e-reader, but I still like to see what people can do with them.  People who have the HDs and take the "Intro to Nook" class are usually still trying to get their e-mail set up on the Nook, or that's been my experience of what students in the classes I've attended say.

I came home, and Mom and Dad were already home.  Mom said that I'd been right, that the lake was cold, and that she hadn't swum much.  I guess it was a change of scene for them.  If they go back, I'll probably go with them.

My plans for the evening are to see what other editing jobs become ready to do, and to see if I get any more beta reading.  A. said he was planning to go out to the club, so maybe I'll hear stories from him tomorrow. 
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