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Friday so far

I tried to go to sleep around 2:30 a.m.  I lay there for quite some time, but must have finally drifted off at some point.  I woke at 11:30 a.m.

I went to the grocery store.  I happened to be done my shopping just as P. got out of work.  I offered to drive her to the bus stop.  She said she had some movies to go back to the library, so I dropped her off at the library.

Mom got the call that her new glasses were in.  I drove her to the optometrist.  She was very happy to be able to see more clearly again.  The optometrist said to me, "Give her the keys."  I did.  Mom drove for the rest of our time out.  We asked at a liquor store if they had stoppers for wine bottles, for after you'd taken out the cork.  They didn't.  Our next stop after that was the library, so Mom could get some books.  After that we went to a different grocery store than I'd been to before.

I finished up an editing job.  I re-read the previous three novelettes in the series, and then worked on the fourth again.  It's shapeshifters, as is common for me to work on, but instead of werewolves they're were-cats, so it's a bit of a change.

I did some beta reading.  I need to look over the fic so far as a whole and comment on it all.

I checked Rainjoy's journal, and she'd updated "Grey."  (*spoilerish if you haven't read it*)  The Ghost and Phalanx still aren't communicating about some important things, but Phalanx is starting to work through the mental trauma from chapter 16.  Chapter 17 had Finn in it, and that just hurt, but I wanted to find out what happened with the Ghost and Phalanx.  Things are still going on emotionally for Paleandghostly and Blackbindings, and Draxie is worried about Paleandghostly.  I cared more about the super-boyfriends, though.  I kind of like those original characters, though readers of "Grey" mostly only hear their Internet personas.  The Ghost and Phalanx are the characters I'm most interested in.
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