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Thanksgiving: My brother came up from Baltimore. He said he'd come late at night Wednesday night, so I waited up for him, and finally conked out at 4:00 a.m. He said he got to the house around that time or shortly afterwards. Mom asked me a question about where my baking spices were in the morning, and I apparently gave her a coherent answer, but was in that stage of sleep where you can't move your major muscle groups.

I'd helped Mom with prep work Wednesday evening. I was hoping to get more sleep Wednesday night -- I figured I'd say hi to J., wish him a Happy Thanksgiving, and go to sleep. I ended up sleeping until 1:00 p.m., when Mom really started yelling.

Family friends came over -- Mrs. L. and her daughter A. A. had hydrocephalus as an infant, and has some disabilities from that and the brain surgery she needed for it. She's not intellectually disabled, exactly, but has certain pronounced learning disabilities, is very slow to process things, and had great difficulty learning certain subjects and skills. Well, she functions well enough in many ways, considering the brain damage. Her reaction time is slowed further, I believe, by the anti-seizure medications she takes. One of her eyes focuses and the other wanders. It took me quite a while to figure this out, that I should be looking at her in the functional eye and not trying to catch the one that was going off in various directions. She's been tested to see if she would be able to drive a few times, and was just unable to learn. It certainly limits her mobility, but it's probably a lot safer for drivers in the area that she's not on the roads.

Mrs. L. is a very nice lady. She helped me a lot when I was in school. I had a much easier time getting along with her than my mom. There were a number of day trips I would just as soon have taken with her, but it would have been cruel to leave A. behind. The idea generally seems to be that I should be friends with A., since we are close to the same age, and I should do activities with her. It's just tough to deal with someone who has a variety of the same problems I do, though more pronounced, and to take someone out on trips when they have even less of a sense of direction than I do and are slow and fairly oblivious in some ways. I can't really seem to draw her into conversation, though others seem to get her to talk easily enough. I suppose I'm a bad should-be friend. She has no ideas to tell me of where she'd want to go, or things she'd like to do. I found out accidentally that she likes activities in which she can sing along. I know she participates in a lot of church groups at her church. I censor myself to avoid talking about any of the various somehow gay-related groups and activities I'm involved in, or about sex in general. It certainly limits topics of conversation for me.

It was really nice to see J., and he gave me three CDs. One has Nirvana on it, one a lot of Bad Religion, and one various things from heavy metal and punk to eighties pop. I told him I liked some of Culture Club's top hits, so he also included a song by Wham! and one by the Pet Shop Boys. I suppose he thought I'd want yet more gayness.
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