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Tuesday travel

Mom and I left for Baltimore around 6:45 p.m.  I started out by taking back roads.  Mom hasn't driven in six weeks, since her second cataract surgery.  However, she saw well enough to see a deer in the road before I did.  It was just standing there in the middle of the lane while it was daylight.  I decided to get on the highways and take the highways after that.  We took Route 95 most of the way down.  When we got to J. and K.'s neighborhood, it was just dark and there were small children running back and forth in the streets.  That was rather nerve-wracking, too.

I texted with A.  I'd e-mailed Uly about Tamara Allen talking about him, and he thought it was cool.

Mom and K. watched an Orioles game on TV.  J. said that he could find a video that we could watch.  We went down to the basement, otherwise known as J.'s man-cave.  He had a bunch of superhero movies.  We ended up watching the first episode of a short-lived TV series, Birds of Prey.  It was based on DC comics.  It had Oracle (formerly Batgirl), the Huntress and a clairvoyant girl whose code name I forget.  I will ask J. tomorrow morning.  It probably was based on an actual comic book series.  I'd heard of Oracle.  J. kept saying how cheesy the show was.  I thought there was a fair amount of Ho Yay between Oracle and the Huntress, but Oracle was the Huntress' guardian when the Huntress was younger, so I guess I was imagining lesbian subtext.  I'm sure there's been femme slash written about them somewhere.

I don't think I'll do too much else this evening.  I brought my Nook with me.  Tomorrow should be pretty quiet, at least until Dad gets here.
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