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Sunday so far

I think I tried to go to sleep around 2:30 a.m. or so.  I woke up at 11:30 a.m., so presumably once I fell asleep I got eight hours of sleep.

I looked at Rainjoy's writings.  She put a chapter of "Grey" up on Friday night.  I hadn't been expecting any updates.  It was an angsty chapter.

I went to the grocery store.

Likearumchocolatesouffle said he wanted to publish stories.  I encouraged him.  He's written some wonderful fics.  There are so many m/m romance authors who started out writing slash fiction and then went to writing original fiction.

I watched "Girls (and Boys) on Film."  I liked several of the songs in it.  "Come What May" was my favorite, but I enjoyed other songs as well.  That was nearly the last we got about how Kurt felt about Blaine.  I didn't like Santana going through the New York folks' stuff.  I am not a Santana fan.  She's cruel.  On rewatch, I wasn't as worried about Adam saying that he and Kurt should find their own soppy movie to watch, since I don't think we saw Adam again after that.  I'm still sad when I see Finn in a scene.  I think that's going to be the case for some time yet.

Later: I watched "Feud."  I enjoyed the comedy in it.  I would have liked for them to be able to have the airplane banner read "Blaine is a bottom" rather than "Blaine is on the bottom," but I could kind of understand why they modified it.  Still, it wasn't the right vocabulary.  The Blaine and Sue feud was the funniest.  "Katie" misgendered Unique, but it was after Ryder did.  That was one of the things that made me think that Katie wasn't Unique.  I was really hoping not for several weeks, and then for the last three episodes or so fearing that Katie was Unique, and somewhat resigned to it.

I am anticipating being able to watch with captions, so I can get all of Becky's dialogue.  I think I got more of it this rewatch than I had originally.  Now that I know that Katie is Unique, I can see misleading aspects to Katie's interactions with Ryder.  The Unique and Ryder storyline was one I hoped would get continued in season five, with more of Unique's viewpoint.  I am continuing the rewatch at a faster pace than the podcast to try to get to episodes that cheer me up.  While parts of episodes make me happy, overall I am not feeling cheered up.  I'll probably go back and watch "Diva" again before Wednesday.
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