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rewatch podcast -- "Sadie Hawkins" and "Naked"

I'll copy what I said on Tumblr.

This week’s season four rewatch episodes were “Sadie Hawkins" and “Naked." It was the co-hosts Ryan (firesnaps) and Axe, and the guest Nelly.

I did my rewatch on Monday and felt a little raw, like it was too soon, when I saw the scenes with Finn in them. I was sad.

The podcast folks are good about talking about all the plotlines. I’ll talk about certain ones.

I discussed at the time I saw "Sadie Hawkins" how Tina said that Blaine had been “bullied" at the Sadie Hawkins dance at the school he went to before Dalton. One of the people I discussed it with thought that that was minimizing. I said that “bullied" in the world of Glee translates to harassed and/or assaulted. I think it was someone else who said that perhaps Blaine had minimized it when he talked about it with people other than Kurt.

Tina was pushy, as she was much of the season. I’ve heard my share about some people not liking strong female characters. I don’t think that was behind how I felt about her.

I wrote at the time about how Blaine was playing the role of heteronormative gentleman with Tina, or at least that’s how I saw it. I thought it was only encouraging her.

I liked the Blaine and Sam friendship continuing to develop, and I liked seeing Trent.

"Naked" got a little discussion from the podcast folks of Kurt’s reaction when he saw Brody at breakfast, behind the box of Rooster O’s. I love Kurt’s reaction faces.

There was also some discussion about how Tina objectifying Blaine was much like fandom’s objectification of him. I thought the photoshoot was funny, with the various calendar pictures. I heard discussion at the time about Blaine and that big bottle (magnum?) of champagne for January. I thought December was hilarious.

Jake has some pretty good reaction faces, too. Although this wasn’t mentioned, I liked his reaction face about getting a spray tan.

I had expected to dislike Adam, and in the episode where he was introduced, I kind of liked him. I surprised myself. The podcast participants said how it was nice to see Kurt smiling. That was part of it. It was nice that someone appreciated Kurt, when at various times with various other characters he hadn’t gotten much appreciation.

The podcast folks talked about how Sam had helped Blaine, and how in that episode Blaine helped Sam. I liked how they helped each other, and worked together. I was more interested in some of the friendships of the season than the relationships that existed during the time after the break-ups. I liked Marley and Unique’s friendship during the season, too.

I think it is Firesnaps who talks about how she grew to love the newbies. I liked Unique, but I was still watching for some of the older characters.

"Naked" was one of my favorite episodes of the season, up there with “Dynamic Duets" and “I Do." I really enjoyed some of those friendship episodes, and “Naked" and “Dynamic Duets" were two of them.

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