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And Roman was indeed putting aside his own grief to comfort Annette. In this episode (814), as Eskimo Kiss Project said, Deniz was asking inappropriate questions, but at least he was just asking Roman. Roman was fairly patient, but he got the "Deniz is being a puppy" expression on his face. Deniz really did seem like the "Welpe" today, with Roman being the most mature of the whole group. The commenters on the EKP thread were asking when Mike and Ingo had become best friends, and who Roman was best friends with. Some of the answers were that Roman and Ingo had a "bromance," which is different from being best friends. Roman has said at different times that Annette is his "good best friend" and Jenny is his "evil best friend." The friendships have been broken at one time or another, depending on what evil schemes who has gotten involved in, or gotten caught in. But Roman often enough considers those two women to be his best friends.

Mike and Ingo seemed relatively close to me, at least from what I've seen, and did some major male bonding in recent weeks. EKP didn't show it, but they went out drinking together and got tattoos. They had a long talk in the bathroom when Ingo was taking a shower, and then hugged. I don't know what exactly they were talking about, but clearly it was some kind of bonding thing, and it was a long hug, with Ingo naked. One of them said something about Roman at the end of the hug, perhaps saying that they were edging towards "bromance" territory themselves.

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