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Saturday so far

Shandyall updated "Cadences."  She did the first part of this chapter as a flashback to years ago in the timeline of the fic, in the viewpoint of someone she'd recently killed off.  I almost cried.

I looked and saw that Rainjoy had updated "Grey" yesterday.  I didn't expect a new chapter so soon after she said it would be a while.  (*spoilers if you haven't read it yet*)  Paleandghostly was okay.  Rainjoy didn't leave the Ghost and Phalanx on a cliffhanger, though they do need to communicate more.  Phalanx thinks the Ghost will eventually want children, and the Ghost definitely doesn't.  Also, the Ghost dropped a spoon, and I think it was because he accidentally made it intangible, as he's done with a few other things due to exhaustion.  I'm sure these things will come up in future chapters.

Later: I went to Barnes & Noble and read more of Happy Snak.  I went to the Nook class.  I don't remember today's teacher's name -- I'm not sure if he gave it today -- but he remembered me.  There were several students there.  Most had Nook HDs.  They were all nice students.  One talked about borrowing library books, and the teacher explained to others about the Overdrive app on the HDs.  I said that I would have to hook the Simple Touch up to a computer to get library books.  It took a while trying to load library books onto the Sony e-readers.  He said that with the app it took about 45 minutes.  I think that was the going through the process part.  I don't think the actual download would take that long.

I went to the AT&T store and paid my phone bill a month ahead of time.  I like to be ahead on the phone bill.  I picked up dinner from Dairy Queen.
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