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Thursday so far

I couldn't get to sleep last night.  I got sleepy around midnight or 1:00 a.m., and tried to go to sleep a little after 2:00 a.m., I think, but then I was keyed up.  I had a big snack around 3:30 a.m., and somewhere along the line I had a glass of wine.  I woke up a little before 2:00 p.m.  I'm not sure when exactly I went to sleep, but I figure I slept for seven or eight hours.

Shandyall updated "Cadences."  The young original character, Addie, who writes in her diary for some of the chapters of "Cadences," cockblocked Kurt and Blaine this chapter.  That does nothing to endear her to me.  I feel about her kind of like I felt about Shayna in All or Nothing or Marley in "Thanksgiving."  It wasn't that I wanted Shayna to be killed off, but she was so annoying.  I wouldn't have really cared if she had been killed off.  With Marley, I just wasn't that excited one way or another over what would happen to her after she fainted on stage.  It's not that I want Addie killed off, but she is annoying.  An author may love a character because they wrote them, but that doesn't mean all the readers will feel the same way.  Marley wasn't annoying, she was just there.  I've read fic where writers put in original characters obviously for the sole purpose of cockblocking the protagonists.  I stopped reading one after about the third cockblock.  I don't know if the protagonists ever did get together.

I did some beta reading.  I have an editing job to finish up, but it's in good shape.

Rainjoy put up an "All the Other Ghosts" interlude.  As I noted before, she didn't leave the Ghost and Phalanx in a cliffhanger last chapter of "Grey," so I'm okay with where it is.

I checked Quite Contrary, and saw that Calanthe-b had put up an entire "if-she-were-writing-it" season five of Glee.  I don't think she got much of her fourth season wishes.  Rachel did get called on her poor dancing skills, which I think was gratifying for Callie.  I don't know how to dance, so I miss who's a good dancer or not.  But the commenters who are good dancers are really consistent among themselves on saying who can dance and who can't.  Glorfindel of the Glee Forum, who's a vocal coach, said the same things about Darren Criss' voice that he said himself in a interview.

The discussion of who's a good actor and who isn't has wildly varied opinions.  I don't know anything about acting, so I can't say anything credible.  I don't notice the bad or weak acting that other fans comment on.  Dance is lost on me, relative acting quality is lost on me, and vocal quality is lost on me.  I know what songs I like.  I'm not much for showtunes, and I like rock, so I actually do like a number of Finn songs.  I like some pop, and I've liked a number of Blaine songs.  Some of the eighties pop I'd heard the original singers do, and wasn't that enthusiastic about the songs in the first place.  DC himself said things to the effect that he was no Freddie Mercury, which I think was a smart thing to say.  DC might not have a very strong voice, but he certainly has performance charisma.  I haven't seen him live, but I heard plenty of stories this summer.

Kurt's voice is wildly polarizing, though it seemed like on what was AfterElton there were always a few trolls.  I enjoy his singing.  There are some showtunes I like when he's doing them, and some I still don't care for no matter who is doing them.  I've liked some Mercedes songs, and I've liked several of Santana's songs.  I tend to like Artie's songs, though with some it depends if I liked the song in the first place.  However, when I compare the Artie versions with the original versions, Artie doesn't come up short vocally, in my opinion.

I like reading You Gotta Let It Out's analyses.  I agree with a lot of it.  Glorfindel gets puzzled about why some singers who sound really good with each other don't get to sing together much.  There are romantic duets that are reciprocal, there are romantic duets that are one-sided, there are friendship duets, and there are diva-offs.  Sometimes it can be friendship from one of the singers, and one-sided romantic from the other singer.  But I think the majority of duets are romantic ones.

I don't have a lot of speculation on season five.  I know what I want.  I want for Kurt and Blaine to get back together, or at least be best friends with benefits like they were in "I Do."  Kurt was trying to set some boundaries at the end of season four by saying in voiceover that he wouldn't hook up with Blaine again, because he still has all those feelings.  That might be dragged out through season five, though.  I'd like for Ryder to forgive Unique for using someone else's picture to catfish him.  I'd like for Ryder and Unique to get together.  I think Blaine will get into NYADA.  Blaine gets things easily.  Sometimes later he wonders if he really wanted them, but he still gets them.  In canon, he's one of New Directions' best performers.  I hope he has back-up schools, but I don't think he'll need them.  I don't think it will take a very long time before Nationals and graduation when season five starts.  I'm curious to see what the timing is like.

Later: I finished up the editing job.  I looked through the previous three novellas to check to see if things were consistent.
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